This Brand Selling Dupattas For Rs 20,000 Is Being Dragged Brutally By Pakistanis

By Noomyalay Khan | 9 May, 2020

During these hard times, people aren’t looking to spend exorbitant amounts of their hard-earned cash on stuff they could probably get for a cheaper price. However, with Eid around the corner, brands are releasing their collections, and they’re kinda expensive. One brand is being dragged on Twitter after releasing their dupatta prices. With people picking up on the prices and photography both, the brand has become a hot topic.


With dupattas worth around Rs 20,000 and pants starting from Rs 15,000, the prices have caused quite a stir among people.


Most of the people took it in a more humorous way, with many questioning its magical abilities.

Some people even suggested that the photographed clothes come with the land shown in the photos.

Now wouldn’t that be one good deal? Who wouldn’t want to buy a dupatta that came with a piece of land attached? We know we would.

However, a few mentioned how such an amount could benefit people in need.

Someone rightly pointed out the photography and styling does not go with the price tag.

With one photo in which a hand is seen holding a stick with a dupatta hanging over it, we can’t seem to figure out the art direction too.

Let us know what you think about these clothes and prices too. Do you agree or do you think its too much? We would love to know!


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