11 Of The Most Ridiculously Expensive Beauty Products Around The World That People Actually Use

By Biya Haq | 11 Dec, 2018

Beauty comes at a price, people. A BIG ONE.

Every woman knows that beauty and skin care does not come cheap.

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Not only can it be super painful for you as a person but SUPER painful for your wallet.

Here are some of the most expensive beauty products in the world that people actually buy.

1. Models Own’s Gold Rush Nail Polish

Source: Depop

Friends, this gold polish is literally made out of pure gold. Oh and with over 1,000 REAL diamonds encrusting the entire cap, this beauty product stands for a whopping $130,000 which is roughly Rs. 18,066,750.

2. Guerlain’s Orchidee Imperiale Skincare Cream

Source: Guerlain

Made with the extracts of a rare species of orchid this skincare cream is supposed to improve and maintain healthy skin. Valued at $1,550, about Rs. 215,411.25, you better hope your pet doesn’t accidentally eat this one. It would make for one pricey snack.

3. Kre-at Beauty’s Gold And Diamond Eyelashes

Source: KreatBeauty

Shaadi season is here and you know what that means! Lashes, lashes and more lashes. And if you’re interested in going bankrupt, these $1,350 (Rs. 215,411.25) GOLD and DIAMOND eyelashes are just what you need.

4. Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish

Source: Azature

Azature is a fine jewellery company. It seems that one day as they were playing with their diamonds, they decided to drop a number of them in black nail polish and ta-dah! A $250,000 beauty product was born. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLAR NAIL POLISH – AKA, Rs.34,743,750.00.

5. Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum

Source: Neiman Marcus

Get this, the flower from which this perfume is made only grows for TWO WEEKS every year and more than 10,000 blooms go into EACH bottle. Considering the manufacturing costs, it seems as though this price would make sense to be extremely high so if you are looking to spend – it’s set at $1,800 which is Rs. 250,155.00.

6. Dior’s L’Or de Vie La Cure Vintage

Source: Dior

Just when you thought the new products were the ones to win it all – here come the vintage products. Dior’s limited series vintage skincare line is priced at a crazy $2,400 – Rs. 333,540. The three bottles lined with gold thread and red wax seals promise replenished and rejuvenated skin after just three months.

7. Rodial Bee Venom and Placenta 24 carat gold Ultimate Creme

Source: Nordstrom

LOL, okay honestly this isn’t THAT bad in terms of price which is $946 (Rs. 131,470.35) at least compared to the others, but the fact that people actually would actively buy bee placenta earned this beauty product a spot on our list.

8. Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment

Source: TotalBeauty

Okay yeah fine, everyone wants to stay young forever or at least look like they do. Turns out, looking young forever can come at quite a price and this product comes with a $1,000 price tag, a whopping Rs.138,975.

9. Revive Peau Magnifique Face and Eyes Duo

Source: Cosbar

Again, YOUTH people. Hold on to it when you can because when you’re older, it gets super pricey and we mean PRICEY. These tubes are meant to transform your face and calls for dramatic results. At, of course, a very dramatic price of $2,500, Rs. 347,437.50.

10. La Prairie’s Cellular Cream Platinum Care

Source: La Prairie

Along with gold and diamond, this platinum infused cream moisturizes the skin and gives a very bright and gleaming look to the skin. So you can get that crazy glow but like, lol, at a crazy price of $1,200., Rs. 166,770.

11. Nano Night Recovery

Source: Orogold Cosmetics

If you want to really embrace the queen in you, this Nano night cream enriched in gold extracts will absolutely take you to the bougie level you know you deserve. Of course, you’ll need $1,500 or Rs.208,462.50 to spare.

There ya have it, folks, beauty does not come cheap.

What do you think of these? Would you purchase any of them? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: TotalBeauty/Guerlain

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