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This Baraat Entrance On A Tractor In Canada Proves There’s No Shaadi Like A Desi Shaadi

This Baraat Entrance On A Tractor In Canada Proves There’s No Shaadi Like A Desi Shaadi

When it comes to pulling all the stops at a wedding, desis go an extra mile to make it an event to remember for ages

From dresses to menu, from venue to dance performances, from entering at the baraat reception to making an exit; us desis make sure kay kahen kuch kami na reh jaye.

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So, a family in Brampton, Canada made a loud and proud entry to their wedding and made the baraat a whole procession to remember

Source: Asian Lad / Facebook


The baraat included your old, usual cars, cycles and a tractor

umm, did I just say a tractor?

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The damn dulha rode into his wedding on tractor…

Source: Asian Lad / Facebook


The rest of the family was on the back of the tractor holding flags

LOL. I know, flags.. and why were they carrying flags? Cuz they’re desi and nobody knows how to rock a party better than desis holding some jhandiyaan

Source: Asian Lad / Facebook


Here they are, showing Canada how a desi parties

Source: Lad Bible / Facebook


And people on the internet love the display of desi celebration:

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Some are even getting inspiration for their own entrances

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


Others want to do their entrances all over again:

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


Here’s the complete video of that entrance:

Meanwhile in the Brampton pind???

Posted by Asian Lad on Donnerstag, 10. August 2017


Have you ever attended a wedding where people went extra creative? Or do you have any plans to go extra on your wedding? Tell us in the comments.


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