This American Magazine’s Controversial Image About Burqa-Wearing Women Has Angered Muslims All Over The World

By Zoha | 5 Jan, 2019

A magazine called ‘Reporter’ has an advertising campaign that is all about changing your perspective. The magazine takes major topics and illustrates them, depicting the “changed” or different person holding a magazine and walking in the opposite direction.

For instance, this one’s about war.


…and this one’s on questioning neo-Nazism.


Very interesting concepts with equally interesting illustrations, to be honest. Simple and impactful. However, there’s also an image on questioning “radicalism” and…well…

It’s got a woman “going against the tide” by being different in a sea of burqa-clad women.


Clearly, you can see the fully covered women moving forward in one direction, and the woman without the hijab walking in the opposite direction with the magazine in her hands.

Undoubtedly, such images are highly controversial and hold heavy implications. When you have a look at the zoomed-in version of this picture, you can see that it says “disruptive women” on the magazine and a fully covered woman glaring back at this lady who’s walking in the opposite direction!


The campaign’s definitely receiving a mixed response. A lot of people have tweeted about this image, but the difference lies in perspective.

Some people find it super positive.

However, some people are also angry at this stereotypical image…

Some people feel that the picture is sending out the wrong message and encouraging stereotypes that people already believe.

Some people the image aims to show different levels of intellect based on wearing or not wearing a burqa.

People are decoding all the implied messages

However, people mostly agree that it is problematic

Even though different meanings can be attached to this image, most people agree that it’s incorrect to consider burqa-clad women any lesser in any way.

In fact, people pointed out how it undermines some of the most powerful women who do choose to be fully covered in this manner.

An image that would offend someone’s choice should definitely not be put out there in the first place

What do you think about this image? Do you think it shows a repressive interpretation of Muslim women? Or do you see something completely different here? Let us know in the comments section!

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