Pakistanis Are Extremely Pissed At Javed Sheikh For Thinking That Women Get #MeToo Done On Themselves

By Sannia Bilal | 5 Jan, 2019

Javed Sheikh seems to be in trouble after his stance on MeToo movement.

We’ve seen previously that any renowned personality that has a misinformed stance on the MeToo movement is often ridiculed by the masses for their ignorant stance. One of the first names to bite the dust in 2019 is that of actor Javed Sheikh.

In a recent interview, when the actor was asked about his views on the infamous #MeToo movement, he shared some rather problematic views.

“The #MeToo Movement has given rise to a lot of stories just to gain fame,” he stated. Further more, on the topic, he said, ‘Where there is a man and a woman, things are bound to happen. A lot of women get #MeToo done on themselves.”

So basically, whenever anyone steps up with their story, they’re solely responsible for whatever they had to endure, according to Mr. Sheikh. 

This begs the question. What about 7-year-old Zainab?  Moreover, what about Mehwish Arshad, the bus hostess, who lost her life after facing harassment?

While celebrities of Javed Sheikh’s standing REALLY need to think things through before speaking, it seems like the awaam is in no mood to forgive and forget.

Some people have found it appalling how the actor casually commented about the movement that has been making waves.


And some were left speechless. 

Honestly, if this isn’t perpetuating rape culture further, I don’t know what is.

Some people were too disgusted by Javed Sheikh’s words.


And well, a lot of people suggested Javed Sheikh should be cancelled.


They agreed that this was a classic display of misogyny. 


But surprisingly, in all of this, there were actually people who agreed with his stance. 

Matlab ke, wtf?!



However, people also talked about how one’s stance on MeToo can reveal the kind of person they are. 


Quite a revelation then.

Then they named and shamed the celebrities who stood against the MeToo movement with almost the same stance. 


It was highlighted that the movement has brought down powerful men all over the world, but it seems to be failing in our country.


Some people also questioned the actor to fill them in with examples of people who have actually ‘risen to fame’ by stepping up with their story. 

Victims really have nothing to gain by coming forward. They do, however, have everything to lose.

And even Reham Khan jumped in with her thoughts on the matter. 

She asked if he was trying to compete in the race of being the most obnoxious male. And she seemed pretty confused that the actor is accusing the victims to be held responsible for being harassed.


Having said all that, I’d also like to ask Javed Sheikh to please answer our questions. Is he really putting the blame of such a heinous crime on the victims themselves? Are all the rape cases and  the murders, the assaults, just another reason for people to ‘rise’ to fame? Does he even understand the trauma a victim has to endure? Does he realize how much strength it actually takes for the victim to step forward with their story and relive the trauma during the process?

What is he really implying?

Khair, if you have anything to add, let us know in the comments.

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