13 Things Pakistani Women Need To Stop Expecting From The Men In Their Life

By Momina Mindeel | 28 Sep, 2017

We all talk about how much women are stereotyped, what we don’t exactly talk about so much is how men too are stereotyped. They’re expected to be all strong and macho and there’s nothing more hurtful to the society than pre-defined gender roles and stereotypes. While we all want men to stop asking women certain things (including leaving their passions for the family etc.) and let them make their own decisions. The same applies to women as well.

Here are, some of the things that women need to stop expecting from the men in their life, if equality is what we are truly aiming for:


1. He’s not your ATM machine

He is a human, not an ATM machine. If the times are tough or if he wants to focus more on his passions than earning money 24/7, you can always play your part in helping out with the finances. Can’t you?

Source: Hum Network Limited


2. He’s not your emotional slave to be available to you 24/7

Be understanding if can’t be there for you every breathing minute. Personal space is important.

Via: Deenga


3. He’s not a psychic or a magician that he’ll automatically know what’s wrong

Sometimes they just don’t know why you’re upset. Instead of being passive aggressive and expecting them to automatically know what you’re thinking, talk to them about it.

Via: Deenga


4. He can’t solve all your problems, do it yourself

Be a strong, independent woman that you are and save yourself.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


5. He’s a human, he can have faults and problems

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube


6. He has his own likes, not everything you like

You are two different individuals so it’s only fair to have different choices about things in life.

Via: Deenga


7. He can also want some alone time to himself 

‘Main bhi aajaoun?’

Via: Deenga


8. And that goes for shopping choices, too

As trivial of an issue as it sounds, don’t be upset when he buys things that he likes contrary to your advice. Again, personal space!

Via: Deenga


9. He’s not your driver

Just learn to drive!

Source: Danish Ali/YouTube


10. You can’t expect him to leave his passions and friends for his family

Via: Deenga


11. He and his friends need some space

Via: Deenga


12. Did I mention, you shouldn’t expect him to be a super human?

He’s a human being too and he is allowed to be emotional and vulnerable too and that doesn’t make him less manly, just more human.

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube


13. Most of all, don’t always expect him to take the first step 

You can initiate things too, you know.

Via: Deenga


Cover image via: style.pk

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