This Criminal Bride Called Haseena 420 Is Robbing Innocent Pakistani Men After Marrying Them

By Ather Ahmed | 28 Sep, 2017

There is a saying locally used by elders, “rishtay asmaan mein bantay hein“. It basically means that you are predestined to marry that special someone. Obviously, it only applies to arrange marriages, duh. Love marriage doesn’t exist as far as the elders are concerned. Regardless, you should at least get to know facts about the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. Don’t go into the details, just a basic background check.


These poor lads from Sargodha apparently didn’t believe in background checks of their future bae and it cost them, heavily


Apparently, this 18-year-old girl called Sana was running the perfect scam in Sargodha, until she was caught. Within the span of the past four months, Sana had supposedly married seven men and guess what? She ended up robbing them of their hard-earned possessions. Talk about commitment.


The culprit, being dubbed, Haseena 420 by media outlets, after just a day or two runs away with all the hard earned money of her victims


It wasn’t just a one-man job though. She had an entire group working alongside her, apparently. These included people who played the role of her father, mother and brother. There was even a fake marriage registrar involved in this.

Haseena 420 and her posse used to actively scout for men looking to get married. After the fake marriage, she used to run away with all the household valuables including jewelry. She even stole the valuables of guests that came specifically to attend the marriage.


Thankfully she was just arrested by the Sargodha police recently

The police is also actively working on finding her accomplices.

In light of this horrifying incident, we have compiled a list of questions that you should definitely ask someone you want to marry:

  •  What are your likes and dislikes?
  • What is your family life like?
  • Are they even your family?
  • No seriously is that actually your mom, dad, brother and sister?
  • Or are these just random people you hired?
  • What are your expectations from this marriage?
  • Do you find me attractive as a person or is it my wealth that you’re after?
  • You don’t plan to rob me by any chance, do you?
  • Do you plan to just rob me or the guest staying over to attend the wedding also?


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