Things people leave behind in a Careem Ride…also includes a Child

By MangoBaaz Studio | 29 Jun, 2021

With lockdown restrictions starting to ease-up, we thought of giving everyone a heads up to look out for things they are most likely to leave behind during a ride or at a restaurant. With that purpose, we reached out to a few restaurants, office administrations and also managed to find out what things people are most likely to forget, be it in a restaurant, a public park, in offices or during a Careem ride.

Needless to say that in a country like Pakistan, there is a very low chance you will get your lost stuff back, however, we reached out to Careem and it turns out that more than 70% of the customers were satisfied with the response they received from their customer service representatives and were able to retrieve their belongings. We have compiled all the data and came up with our own conclusions towards the very end but for now, have a look at the things that are most commonly left behind:

1. Tech Gadgets (Laptop, wifi device, mobile phones, ATM cards, power bank, headphones and chargers) – Who thought technology would be at the top of the list? Mobile phones have become such essential parts of our lives that we can’t even think of leaving our homes without them. In short, it’s like forgetting the things that empower us.

2. All sorts of bags (school bags, grocery bags, purses, make up pouches and wallets) – this category is the second most forgotten item in rides. Imagine spending hours in line to buy those groceries only to forget one bag in a car.

3. Keys – We knew that this would be in the top 5 of the list. Another essential part of our lives that we are most likely to forget.

4. Documents (COVID PCR report, thesis, university papers, books) YES, that’s how excited you get when you’re tested negative. Oh and we firmly believe that the university papers were intentionally left behind, if you know what we mean 😉

5. Accessories (Jewelry, glasses, vape, caps) – We’ve all heard the saying, you dress to impress. But sometimes, you just can’t be bothered to take care of your belongings and that happens to the best of us. Vape however… we can tell that person wasn’t a chain smoker.

6. A box wrapped with carton tape – WHAT’S IN THE BOX? WHAT’S IN THE BOX? WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!

7. The best for the last, a CHILD… Yes you heard it correctly, someone forgot their child in a Careem ride. Parenting done right..?

Based on our observations from the lists above, we have come to the conclusion that it’s only human nature to forget things since we are always in a rush, but if we knew what day of the week we are more likely to forget an item, maybe we could be a little more cautious. Let’s go through the list of things you are most likely to forget throughout the week:

careem mangobaaz

– On Mondays you are most likely to forget your tech related things such as your laptops, chargers, headphones, as they tend to get juiced out over the weekend grocery bags or backpacks.

– On Tuesdays you are most likely to forget keys or wallets.

– On Wednesdays you are most likely to forget your bags because of the mid-week hustle. Gotta be most careful on Wednesdays!

– On Thursdays you are most likely to forget food related items, or worse, your water bottle.

– On Fridays you are most likely to leave your jewelry behind, which for some people can be a huge deal!

– It’s hard to predict what things you are most likely to forget on weekends since the number of people visiting public parks, shopping malls, restaurants and taking Careem ride increase, it’s safe to say that weekends are the most forgetful days in a week and we can be always be more careful of our belongings.

Lastly, there’s no perfect time to leave your child behind in a Careem ride, but our advice is….


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