Things All Pakistani Guys Say Vs What They Actually Mean

By Iman Zia | 16 Jan, 2017

Men. They’re a pretty simple species. They tend to take the most simple routes to accomplish what they try to say. It ain’t no jigsaw puzzle when it comes to trying to decipher what they’re trying to say. All it takes is a little logic and contemplation. Here are 15 things men often say and what they actually mean:


1. What they say: Yaar aaj gym jaana parega shaam ko

What they mean: 10 minute gym jaonga, gaapein lagaonga, phir puray mulk ka khaana khaonga

Source: ARY Films


2. What they say: Can we talk about this later?

What they mean: LOL we are never talking about this ever again, bhool hi jao.

Via: Giphy


3. What they say: Iss larke ko kaise jaante ho?

What they mean: Uss ke saath kya scene hai bhai, btao zarra, taakay uski zarra chitrol karun?

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


4. What they say: Tum sab jao, mein join kar loonga udhar hee

What they mean: Tujhe ek nanga Sheikh Rashid shayed nazr aa jaaye par mein nahi.


5. What they say: Yaar, burra naa maana lekin

What they mean: Ab aisi bisti karne laga hoon, kaan hi bandh kar le.

Source: Vinaykumar Sinha


6. What they say: Sab theek ho jaye ga, fikr naa karo

What they mean: Duniya hi chor dho, warna tu fucked hai bhai.

Source: Salman Khan Films


7. What they say: Yaar mein sirf tumse baat karta hoon, aur koi larki se nahi hai

What they mean: Pakistan ko choro, mere paas Canada ki larkiyon kee phonebook hai.

Via: Tumblr


8. What they say: Ghalti meri hai, sorry

What they mean: It’s definitely your fault lekin I’m literally so done talking about this, tauba maut hi behter hai iss waqt.

Source: IRK Films


9. What they say: Arranged shaadi sab se best hai yaar

What they mean: Aisa dil tora hai ussne, arranged shaadi kabi dil nahi toregiAgar koi masla hua toh mummy pappa hai na jo dhoond ke laye thay.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


10. What they say: Kaisi ho? Yaar tum nazr hi nahi aaye!

What they mean: Tujhe avoid karne mein kamyaab nahi hua.

Source: Comedy Partners


11. What they say: Yaar bohot thak gaya hoon, aaj jaldi sona parega

What they mean: Puri raat whatsapp pe laga raonga bachiyon ke saath.

Source: Bhansali Productions


12.  What they say: Judge nahi karta, promise

What they mean: Ajeeb si bandi hai yaar yeh tho.

Source: JusReign / YouTube


13. What they say: Chalo, phir milte hain

What they mean: Bohot chipku hai yaar, isse tho jahanam mein hi miloonga.

Source: Giphy


14. What they say: Aur sunao…kya chal raha hai?

What they mean: Please kuch naa sunao.

Source: Tumblr


15. What they say: I’ll call you

What they mean: Phone nahi karoonga, bhool hi jao.

Source: Dharma Productions


What else do guys say that they don’t actually mean?



15 Things All Pakistani Girls Say Vs What They Actually Mean

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