Thank The Lord, There's Now A Hangbag For You To Carry Your Samosa In

By Haadia Paracha | 16 Jan, 2017

It’s no secret that samosas are to a desi household what oxygen is to the human body. Crispy on the sides as they swim into the depths of oil for the deep frying and soft on the insides with glorious helpings of aaloo, keema, mixed vegetables or cheese. I don’t know about you but a samosa is the only threesome I’m ever willing to be a part of…pun intended.


And also, here’s a nifty gif of the Maslow’s hierarchy redefined


Knowing the status of this crown-jewel of desi cuisine, @SausageTangDi noticed the latest innovation in fashion and style: A pouch for your samosa.

Fits like a glove! lolol.


Thanking the gods of fashion for the tremendous achievement. I can now successfully steal samosas from the office buffets for a later snack during the day.

Photoshop courtesy: Syed Saad Imran


Making nachos handy with this portable nacho carrier that will keep it nice and cozy until it’s final abode aka your tummy.

Of course, it’s a little upsetting that not arrangements have been made for the nacho dips. ~how cruel~

Photoshop courtesy: Syed Saad Imran


Don’t want to carry a lunch box to the party but still wanna make sure you have backup in case your silly unsughar friend burns the food?

Worry not, we got you. We got you good.

Photoshop courtesy: Syed Saad Imran


Some gifts just keep on giving, you guys.

Treat your gamer girlfriend with the ultimate “just because” present and you might just ~get lucky~

Photoshop courtesy: Syed Saad Imran


Food inspired statement pieces are the hottest fashion accessory this season, as you can see from all the runway shots right here:

Source: Fashionisers


But then, some of these fashion creatives go slightly out of hand and you’re like wtf were you thinking walking around with pancakes dripping with butter but wait…WHERE’S THE MAPLE SAUCE?

Source: Pinterest


I mean, some people don’t even try. The unholy scooping out of that corner-bound chocolate chip muffin is triggering my OCD.

Source: theawesomedaily


Donut mess with me girl.


It’s π day, it’s π day, gotta bring my π to the hood.

Source: Food Beast


Anyway, sorry I got carried away. But at least you and your samosa are fully covered.


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