These Theories About What Happens Next On ‘Game Of Thrones' Will Make Waiting Unbearable

By Arslan Athar | 30 Apr, 2019


(Unless you like spoilers)

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The most recent episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ was truly a lot to handle. From the long length of the episode to all the hard-to-keep-up-with fighting. This episode has now removed one of the greatest villains it had, and the next three episodes are only going to get more interesting.

Cersei Lannister still sits on the Iron Throne and the game of who sits on that Throne next is still ongoing. 

As always, fans are finding threads and predictions from previous seasons and using them to decipher what the major plotlines might be, and more importantly, who will sit on the Throne.

By far, the craziest theory I’ve seen is that Cersei blackmails Jaime into killing Jon Snow. 

Jaime is known as the ‘King Slayer’ and this is a reputation that was followed him throughout the 8 seasons of the show. Now, mix that in with Cersei supposed pregnancy; she uses the baby to twist Jaime’s intentions and calls him back to King’s Landing- the only condition is that he has to kill “King” Jon Snow. Right off the bat, this seems rather unlikely, however, how can we forget that iconic line, ‘The Things I Do For Love’.

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After the Battle of Winterfell, the Northern army is left with severely fewer people they started off with- and they STILL have to fight Cersei. 

A lot of people are theorizing who will join the fight because The North cannot fight like this. The houses that people are expecting to see come back into action are the House of Dorn, Yara Greyjoy, and The Knights of the Vale. These houses stand out in theory discussions because they were missing in the ‘Battle of Winterfell’.

On the other hand, people are spelling a lot of doom for Cersei and her army. According to keen followers of the show, she really only has ‘The Golden Company’, and that too is shaky, as Euron Greyjoy hasn’t been seen as the most loyal character.

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Lastly, Melisandre’s prophecy about Arya has one person left, and that person seems to be Cersei. 

The prophecy says that Arya will shut many eyes; brown eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes. Many are pointing to the fact that Walder Frey symbolizes the brown eyes, and of course, the Night King symbolizes the blue eyes. Cersei is the last piece of the puzzle. If Arya were to kill Cersei, she would most probably use Jaime or Tyrion’s face to do it. This then helps to satisfy Cersei’s prophecy- the one that predicted one of her brothers will kill her.

Source: HBO


Which one of these are you most willing to buy? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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