Here's Which Game Of Thrones Character You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Mubasshir Ijaz | 20 Apr, 2019

If you want to find out what character is most like you then you’ve come to the right place. Most of you might always associate yourself with your favorite characters like Jon Snow for instance but you’re probably more like Jamie Lannister.

After some digging, I have figured out what star signs are which characters from the show. So let’s get cracking and see what side you’re on:


Aries: Daenerys Targaryen

source: Bighead Littlehead

Aries is a sign associated with leadership and anger. Daenerys is very willing and eager to set anything on fire that stands in her way. She has also declared herself the breaker of chains and the rightful heir to the throne. Something that Aries would totally do. Also, she is no stranger to impulsive anger and proper annihilation of her enemies. I mean she has 3 dragons through most of the show so do the math.


Taurus: Sansa Stark

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source: Bighead Littlehead

Taurus is extremely stubborn and Sansa doesn’t change her mind easily. They also like the luxury that life has to offer and they value family above all else. As we all know Sansa’s love for jewelry, clothes and the finer things in life. Her loyalty is also beyond doubt how she stayed married to the satanic Joffery Baratheon to keep her loved ones safe. Taurus is Sansa.


Gemini: Littlefinger

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source: Bighead Littlehead

Gemini’s are considered to be the tricksters of the zodiacs and that’s just a kind way of saying that they orchestrate sh*t storms. Like Gemini little finger loves drama and loves to engage in it. Gemini’s are known to hide their feelings and act out of personal gains sounds a lot like Lord Baelish to me.


Cancer: Cersei Lannister

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source: Bighead Littlehead

A sign associated with fierce motherhood and strong emotions. Cersei is all about her family and emotions. She will do anything to protect her legacy and her throne. Cancers have bad tempers and Cersei is known to go overboard because of her temper.


Leo: Jaime Lannister

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source: Bighead Littlehead

Leo fits Jamie’s personality perfectly. Before losing his hand and becoming a little modest he used to be a bit of a show-off and he loved the spotlight. Just like a Leo Jamie thrives when he is showered with love and adoration.


Virgo: Brienne of Tarth

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source: Bighead Littlehead

Brienne has dedicated her life to the protection of the Stark women. She is obviously a Virgo with her dedication and loyalty which is evident by her actions.


Libra: Olenna Tyrell

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source: Bighead Littlehead

Libra’s are fair-minded, diplomatic, and excellent at socializing which is why Olenna was so good at playing the game of thrones. Libras are also known to give off elegant and graceful vibes in addition to being very charming and intelligent, and that’s totally Olenna.


Scorpio: Arya Stark

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source: Bighead Littlehead

Scorpios are known to be vengeful and we know for a fact that Arya has a list of people she needs to take revenge against. They are also known to be tough individuals who can endure a lot of hardships and that sounds just like Arya Stark to me.


Sagittarius: Tyrion Lannister

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source: Bighead Littlehead

They love to party and play around but, they are also incredibly intelligent. Sounds a lot like Tyrion Lannister right?  Tyrion is rarely seen without liquor in his hand, and he has referred to himself as the “god of tits and wine.”  Still, he’s diplomatic, a strategic thinker, and was smart enough to join hands with Daenerys.


Capricorn: Jon Snow

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source: Bighead Littlehead

So not only is Capricorns month the indicator of the signs of winter, but it also matches Jon’s personality. Capricorns are all about hard work and achieving their goals. They’re ambitious, dedicated, and have a reputation for being a little dour and dark. Jon Snow is anything but light.


Aquarius: Bran Stark

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source: Bighead Littlehead

The Aquarians are known to give off a mystical, spacey vibe and can seem a bit detached sounds a lot like Bran (the three-eyed raven). The Aquarians are also known to be very intuitive and just seem to know things. Just like Bran but, when it comes to expressing emotion both Bran and Aquarians don’t do well. Bran really doesn’t have any emotions anymore, does he?


Pisces: Theon Greyjoy

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source: Bighead Littlehead

A water sign represented by a fish. The Greyjoy’s house sigil is an octopus/squid looking thing and are proud sea people. Even though Theon wasn’t raised in the Iron Islands he is a total Pisces. He really fits the Pisces mold… well a post-Ramsay Bolton trauma Theon does. Pisces is quite melancholic and don’t like being criticized, and Theon has become something of a sensitive soul.

So there you have it, folks. Tag your friends and see what your squad looks like. Also, let’s savor and enjoy every second of this finale season because once it’s over, you’ll be left feeling a little empty and a little sad.


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Cover image via: Bighead Littlehead

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