Arya Stark's Parents Saw THAT Scene From The Last Episode And Everyone's Feeling Super Awkward

By Arslan Athar | 24 Apr, 2019

Arya Stark has made a lot of people uncomfortable.


The latest episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ had some really intense stuff happen. *SPOILERS UPCOMING* From Brienne being knighted, to Winterfell prepping itself for the White Walkers’ attack- this episode had it all.

In the midst of it all, Arya Stark’s gentle flirting with Gendry continues and eventually leads to both to them having sex. 

She walks up to Gendry and basically says that since everyone’s about to die, she just wants to know how it feels.

Source: HBO


The best reaction following the scene has to be Sophie Turner’s. 


People on Twitter were making all sorts of jokes. 



A lot of people were left really disturbed by Gendry and Arya finally getting together.


People were checking her age as well. 


Arya Stark actor, Maisie Williams was also left disturbed, but for very different reasons. 

We as desi kids know the feeling, there’s an intimate scene playing on TV and we’re sitting with our parents- suuuper awkward. Now let’s take that up a few hundred notches; imagine you’re IN that intimate scene. Well, that’s what Maisie has had to deal with.


People were making all sorts of jokes. 


Some supported her for her decision. 


Maisie Williams stans were through the roof. 


Some people were still seeing her as a kid. 



But honestly, people being uncomfortable does not compare to Maisie’s actual family watching it. 


There were EXTREME opinions…


But there were some staunch supporters of the scene. 



Meanwhile, the spoiler alert brigade was triggered to no end. 



So where do you stand on this? Will Arya always be a child for you, or did this scene make you scream ‘yaaasss queeeen’?

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