These Scary Images Of The Storm All Over Pakistan Will Make You Say ‘Rain Rain PLEASE Go Away'

By Biya Haq | 17 Apr, 2019

Rain rain PLEASE go away.

If you’ve been in Lahore the past 48 hours, you may have caught a bit of our little tropical storm.

Source: Dunyanews

Yeah, maybe not so little.

Building up from the coastal side, strong winds started entering Lahore after a massive sand storm engulfed Karachi earlier this week, killing four people through its course as well as injuring many.

Luckily for them, the storm quieted down but unlucky for us, another storm began brewing in Lahore.

As well as in other parts of the entire country.

According to officials, the nationwide storms are a result of low pressure and are anticipated to continue along with more chances of hail and lightning. The storm did it’s best to engulf the entire city in what can only be described as a set of a horror movie.

Or literally, any Harry Potter movie after things started getting dark.

Source: Warner Bros.

Literally any one of them.

And though most of us enjoy a good storm and some great weather following it up, these images of the entire country roughing out the weather are actually pretty insane.

Insanely scary, that is.

Nothing can take away from how absolutely menacing the skies look.

Source: Biya Haq

Source: @saheefajabbarkhattak Via Instagram

Like what the hell is THAT.

And one more aspect of the storm that we can’t get over?

The amount of rain that is about to flood our cities is absurd.

Source: @CapitalTV_News Via Twitter

Source: @CapitalTV_News Via Twitter

And the damage already caused is even worse.

The rain may be great to wash over an entire city, but if it’s this kind of rain, let’s just hope it goes by quick.

Have you seen the images of the rain on social media? Let us know what you think! Love you and stay safe.

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Cover photo source: @saheefajabbarkhattak Via Instagram

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