People In Karachi Turned Into Desi Shakespeares After The Rain

By Hurmat Riaz | 29 Jun, 2017

People in Karachi have been going insane ever since it rained in the city. It feels like Karachi walay were so starved for some Allah ki rehmat that they couldn’t believe when it finally fell on them.


Granted, the rest of the country is also enjoying early monsoon this year as it’s raining Khyber say Karachi tak.


But Karachi was really, really starved for some rain


But when it finally rained, everyone’s inner Shakespeare came crawling out


Like people seriously turned into poets


Others just prayed for some more Allah ki rehmat


Karachi ko pura package chahye barish ka


More cautious folks just wanted to prepare the authorities for the incoming chaos


Batti bhi jaye gi. Kapray bhi utaar lou.. chatt say.

There were fancy snapchats


And people turned into artists with their rain photography




Such clouds. Much majesty. *_*


Of course, raindrops on car’s windows had to be tweeted, as well*_*


Itna khoobsurat asmaan

This one is legit making us jealous.


Rain in Karachi calls for a beach party… and that’s what some people actually did


Garaj baras sawan phir ayoo


4rd_day turned amazing, lol




Spain was also feeling a little Karachi, apparently


And they wanted more after yesterday


So it happened


The rain was so intense that Agha Khan University’s famous ‘Good Luck Tree’ fell, as well

The 125 year old was planted at the Jenabhai Hussainali Sharriff building on March 17, 2013. It was imported from Barcelona Spain.

That’s unlucky, stay safe you guys!

Source: Ahsan Niaz/Facebook


Stay happy Karachi and enjoy this weather with pakoras and samosas.



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