Now Buses In London Are Getting Painted In The Pakistani Truck Art Style And OMG, It's So Beautiful

By Arslan Athar | 29 Jun, 2017

Pakistan is about to turn 70 years old and the High Commission in London has come up with a fun and beautiful gift for the nation. Earlier we saw the W11 local bus from Karachi on the streets of UK.


The Pakistan High Commission along with artists from Phool Patti have come up with a campaign called ‘Emerging Pakistan’.

It aims to show the world the beauty, rich culture and heritage of Pakistan. A side of the country that is rarely seen on international news agencies. A big part of this campaign is having London buses decorated with truck art and large photos of monuments and Pakistani people.

The people at Phool Patti work towards making Pakistani truck art famous world wide, and this project only elevates their efforts. The results of ‘trucking’ up these buses are truly stunning.

Proud to see Phool Patti designs on London buses to celebrate Pakistan's 70th anniversary in London a project supported…

Posted by Phool Patti Pakistan's Truck Art Team on Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Don’t the buses just look oh so haseen? 


People of London took to social media to share pictures of the buses adorning their streets and roads


The buses are bedecked with photos of some of Pakistan’s most prized monuments such as the Badshahi Mosque


It also features photos of Mohenjo Daro 



The art on the buses also celebrates the natural beauty of the North as well as the Shandur Polo Festival



The team behind the truck art on these buses shared how they did it and what the whole thing was about


Probably the best line of that interview was: 

“You see mountains, snow and then oh, you see its Pakistan. Its beautiful”

You got that right.


These buses are expected to span all of London, covering the main city center as well as the suburbs and we can’t for goras to finally travel Pakistani style.


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