This Bollywood Film Just Ruined The Iconic “Hawa Hawa” Song By The Legend Hassan Jahangir

By Sarah Babar | 29 Jun, 2017

Bollywood has had a history of taking inspiration from other film industries and after Ae dil Hai Mushkil and Bajrangi Bhaijaan among a lot of other movies, another one has just used a Pakistani song, and they’ve kinda wrecked it. Mubarakan has had people waiting, first, for its first look, and then for its trailer. Also, how hot is Arjun Kapoor? Like generally? Kaafi khoobsurat aadmi hai. MashaAllah.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the 1980s and/or have horrible taste in music, everyone knows who Hassan Jahangir is. The ultimate pop icon of Pakistan who gave us songs to move and groove to at any and every occasion and dance moves to go hand in hand.


Anyone who knows Pakistani music knows of the iconic Hassan Jahangir and this song


The song was Hassan Jahangir’s breakthrough into the international music scene

And the album that it came off of, went on to selling more than 15 million copies in India, alone. It’s little wonder, then, that our neighbors like taking this song so much. Hassan Jahangir has been one of the pioneers of pop music in our country. He revolutionized the way musicians dressed up, the sheer kind of music they made, and  It’s appeared in a number of movies, since then, from Chaalis Chauraasi in 2012, and Aap Ke Liye Hum in 2013, and lifted entirely in the 1989 hit song Jawan Jawan Ishq Jawan starring Govinda. Needless to say, Hawwa Hawwa has got to be one of the most appreciated songs in the subcontinent.


But…wait…What is this?

How can they take our song and…change it?

Source: Sony Pictures Network Productions


I mean…Boyfriend tu bana le?

Source: Sony Pictures Network Productions


Kisi aur ko patta le? Nazrein tu hatta le

Source: Sony Pictures Network Productions


Mujhko bata de

Source: Sony Pictures Network Productions


I guess, Hassan Jahangir was insinuating the same but it wasn’t this in your face

Source: Dunddli / YouTube


I mean nai, yaar. Yeh kya tha? 

Source: PTV Global


Yeh kiun tha?

Source: PTV Global

You can listen to the whole song that was ORIGINALLY sung by Hassan Jahangir, here


Hawwa Hawwa is one of the most coveted songs to have ever come out of Pakistan. It was revolutionary. It is romantic. And it is the best song to start a game of antakshari with. You can take our singers, Bollywood. You can take our actors. You can even take our Prime Minister, but please, please spare our songs. Unless you’re using them as they are. But even then. Yaar humaarey gaaney hain. (I still love you, Arjun)

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