According To This New Research, Men With Beards Can Have Germs

By Aam Nawab | 17 Apr, 2019

So, for those of you who love a beard on a guy, sorry to break it to you but – that boy is dirty.

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Okay so no, guys with beards aren’t actually dirty, but they have more germs in their facial hair than dogs do in all of their furs according to research, which keep in mind is not at all conclusive and subject to scrutiny.

Scientists and researchers at the Hirslanden Clinic near Zurich, Switzerland wanted to find out if it would be hygienic to use the same MRI machines for both humans and animals. Using one test group of 18 bearded men and one group of 30 adorable fluffy puppers, the researchers collected, measured and compared the ‘bacterial load’ carried by the groups.


And lo and behold, the bearded individuals had more bacteria in their beards than the doggos do

Apparently, several of the men actually had so much bacteria in their beards, they were likely to fall ill. Like, what!?

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According to the experts in the lab, it was officially concluded that fewer germs are carried out by puppers than men walking around with beards. And, look. I love a puppy more than the next person. Like literally, I will always love a puppy more than the next person and the next and the next and the next.


But beards, no matter how dirty they may be, will always carry a special place in my heart.

They are so many different kinds!!

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You’ve got the faded looking one,



The 4’o clock shadow



The super thick Fawad Khan look



The light Fawad Khan look


Truly any Fawad Khan look but you get the point.


They are just so many great beards around the world. In fact, this is literally an entire  Instagram account dedicated to Pakistanis and their beards.

The Daarhi Story, ladies and gents.

So yeah, beards may have bacteria, but so does the REST OF THE WORLD. *Also on my way to get another dog*

P.s., There is no need to choose! Today you can have a dog and a bearded man all in the comfort of your own phone.


Now presenting, Hot Dudes with Dogs.


Have you seen the study anywhere on social media? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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