I Just Found This Instagram Of Hot Pakistani Soldiers And I'm Relieved That My Tharak & Safety Are In Good Hands

By Biya Haq | 2 Oct, 2018

These Pakistani soldiers are FIRE

Okay yes yes, we write Tharki pieces time to time but whatever! We’re only human and we know you love it so you might as well enjoy the ride because THIS TIME, we’ve got a special one coming your way.


Pakistani soldiers have been an obsession for people all across the country for various reasons

While some are obsessed over the security and political involvement of our armed forces in the regional and international conflict, others (like me) are obsessing over them for more… uh… aesthetic reasons. So for this very reason, while conducting my “research” for you folks I stumbled across this Insta account of some veeery good looking Pakistani soldiers.

Also, just because we are highlighting their good looks, it doesn’t mean that we downplay the efforts and sacrifices of their services to this country and to each and every one of us. Also, they may be brave and powerful but friends, they are MashAllah GREAT looking as well and we’re only humans – we’ve got to give them the recognition they deserve.


SO, without further ado, we present to you, some of the most good looking Pakistani soldiers, EVER.


Stache game is v strong. Love it.


It’s not just the menfolk who are good looking Pakistani soldiers


Source: Beyonce


Clearly, we are all in good hands. Good LOOKING hands!

Hehe. But also very capable, very strong and protective hands.



There’s nothing better than a military wedding and the decorum and uniforms and photoshoots?! Absolutely adorable. Look out for these in this coming up wedding season!

^ Look at those SMILES, MashAllah.

Follow the account here!

What do you guys think about all the pictures? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source:  @tahafuz_e_pakistan / Instagram

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