Pakistanis Are Falling In Love With This Military Couple's Adorable Shaadi Photo

By Biya Haq | 15 Dec, 2017

People everywhere are getting married, after all it is shaadi season.


Like certain famous people’s recent viral shaadi

Source: @anushkasharma1588/Instagram


Shaadi season is well underway and everyone’s newsfeeds have been absolutely flooded with all kinds of shaadi good stuff, which probably means yours have too

Like, SUPER flooded.


WELL, friends. We just found the BEST Shaadi photo of this season by FAR.

How CUTE is this military couple?!

I mean, not to mention completely IMPRESSIVE they are with their uniforms and honors – but, just look at how adorable they look together. Posted by Instagram account @militray_area, the picture was captioned with a message as sweet as the image itself.

Also, can we just talk about how stunning the bride looks? Minimal makeup, the opposite of traditional and with a big smile wide across her face. Let’s take notes, ladies.


It seems we weren’t the only ones going gaga over the pair. The one THOUSAND and plus people who liked the image? They were in love too:

Emojis galore, of course.

Source: @militray_area Via: Instagram


Honestly, though, the best way to describe the two.

Source: @militray_area Via: Instagram


MashAllah, MashAllah to the MAX.

Source: @militray_area Via: Instagram


Haye, is right my friend.

Source: @militray_area Via: Instagram


TO THE MAX, as we said.

Source: @militray_area Via: Instagram


What did you think of the dreamy couple? How great is it to see two people in love? Wanna get married? Single? Hungry? Let us know in the comments below.


Aisha Khan’s Husband, Major Uqbah, Got Married In His Military Uniform And Pakistanis Are In LOVE


Cover image via: @militray_area / Instagram

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