These Pakistani Cricketers Invited Their Indian Taxi Driver To Dinner After He Refused To Take Money From Them

By Sana Yasmeen | 26 Nov, 2019

These Pakistani cricketers and their Indian taxi driver are winning hearts

Everyone knows we’re not at the best of terms with our neighbors to the East right now. In times where chaos and negativity are the most common form of exchange between people of India and Pakistan, the tiniest of gestures of kindness and appreciation can go a long way and change a lot of negative perceptions of people in both countries.


These Pakistani cricketers and their Indian taxi driver are winning over people from around the world for their kindness to each other

Team Pakistan is in Australia and they’ve already been making noise for their performance. But recently they’ve gotten attention for all the right reasons. While out and about town in Brisbane, Australiaย  a few Pakistani cricketers invited their Indian taxi driver to have dinner with them after the driver refused to charge them for their ride.


The story of this generous exchange between Pakistani cricketers and their Indian taxi driver was first told by the driver to sports commentator Alison Mitchells

Alison narrated that the taxi driver who dropped her to the ground today got really excited upon finding out she was the commentator of the matches. He then proceeded to show her pictures of him with Musa Khan, Yasir Shah, Imran Khan, Naseem Shah and Shaheen Afridi from the Pakistani cricket team and explained what had happened.


Yasir Shah also shared about this story of kindness andย aman ki asha between Pakistani cricketers and the Indian taxi driver

Yasir shared that they didn’t know about any restaurant when they went out on their first day in Brisbane. Upon seeing Paa Jee, they ended up striking great conversations even in the taxi. When he didn’t the ride fair from them, the boys invited him for dinner which he accepted.


This sweet turn of events led to heartwarming responses from fans on both sides of the border

People at both sides of the border were really touched by this story and soon, appreciation began pouring in.


People took this exchange between the Pakistani cricketers and the Indian taxi driver to talk about their personal experiences

People started sharing their personal experiences of meeting other folks from across the border.


Some brought up concerns about players eating lavish food that we all thought was recently banned by coach Misbah-ul-Haq


Others chose to see the bright side in this exchange between the Pakistani cricketers and the Indian tax driver


People expressed their deeply rooted hope for peace to prevail between the two countries

It’s a really beautiful gesture of kindness in these very tense times between India and Pakistan. This should be a lesson to people who believe war and hate is the solution for everything.

What do you think about this show of generosity by Pakistani cricketers toward their taxi driver? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


cover image via @ESPNcricinfo / Twitter

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