Pakistanis Can't Stop Trolling Coach Misbah Ul Haq After The Australia vs Pakistan Series

By Astarte | 8 Nov, 2019

Coach Misbah Ul Haq is getting a massive thrashing from fans

Team Pakistan suffered a stunning defeat at the hands of Australians in the recently concluded Australia vs Pakistan T-20 series. The Australians cinched the series with a 2 – 0 and easily beat Pakistan. The last match is an especially embarrassing loss for the Pakistani cricket team and Pakistani fans are not being forgiving.


So, team Pakistan had a massive defeat in the latest T20 series against India

Pakistan team scored 106 for 8 wickets, while Australia cleaned the house with 109 for no wickets lost.

Coach Misbah Ul Haq AusPak T20


After Pakistani cricket team’s loss in Australia fans are holding coach Misbah Ul Haq responsible for the pathetic performance of the team


People are missing the older coach Mickey Arthur as well as the recently sacked captain Sarfaraz Ahmed


There are jokes about how coach Misbah Ul Haq has disappointed the chief selector Misbah Ul Haq


Naturally people can’t help but notice how this is becoming a trend for how the Misbah Ul Haq has become an easy target because of the many vulnerabilities he has allowed by holding multiple positions


It has also been noticed how Sarfaraz Ahmed, who was replaced as the T20 captain despite a very respectable performance, must be laughing at karma


While Misbah Ul Haq’s own performance and record may have been impeccable, the questionable decision to award him two positions in the Pakistan Cricket Board as well as the fact that he hasn’t shown much performance in several consistent series that have happened under his tenure does raise some concerns about the judgment and decision of the Board. Misbah Ul Haq will probably have to show his worth and regain the trust of the Pakistani cricket fans before there are serious calls for replacing him.

What do you think about coach Misbah’s performance so far and do you think he’s responsible for this Australia vs Pakistan series loss for Team Pakistan?


Coach Misbah-Ul-Haq Has Banned Biryani For The Cricket Team And Mera Dil Ro Raha Hai

Pakistanis Can’t Get Over How Coach Misbah Ended The Careers Of Umar Akmal And Ahmed Shehzad In Last Night’s Match


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