These Men Are Accused Of Shooting A Restaurant Manager In Karachi, Now Their Wife/Mother Has A Weird Theory To Defend Them

By Rameeza Ahmad | 6 Feb, 2019

This incident of shooting at a restaurant manager in Karachi has been making rounds of social media and TV channels since yesterday.


Two brothers are being accused of allegedly shooting a staff member of Karachi’s Hot’n’Spicy restaurant

The story went that the two brothers apparently squabbled with an employee at the restaurant and ended up opening fire which resulted in the manager of the restaurant sustaining a gunshot to his face.

Source: @walaykarachi / Facebook

According to, police told the press that the two brothers formally arrested for the crime had been under the influence since 10 empty beer cans had been found at the scene of the crime.

There are allegedly four men who are suspects in the case but the two formally arrested by the police were brothers Syed Mir Mustafa Shah Rashdi and Syed Athar Shah Rashdi. While the police officials said they do not know whether the suspects have political connections, they seem to be from a well connected background.


Of course, shocking news like this immediately enraged the public


However, the family of the suspects says there is more to the story.


In a Facebook post, Syed Athar Shah Rashdi’s wife or mother (more on that in a minute) posted from his profile with their side of the story

Source: Syed Ather Shah Rashdi / Facebook


Okay so first of all, I say wife or mother because originally the post read that it was his wife using the account, but a few hours of it being posted, the post said it was his mother

According to the last update, at the time of publishing this, the post was saying “wife” again.

I suppose someone figured that a mother’s pain would resonate better with the audience. Unfortunately, they forgot to make edits to the rest of the post leading to lots of confusion. Oops.

Source: Syed Ather Shah Rashdi / Facebook


The post goes on to accuse the restaurant of actually misbehaving and assaulting the accused men – who btw, are in police custody as of now

The Facebook post says how the waiters at Hot’n’Spicy were very rude to the pair of brothers and told them they would not be served at the restaurant and should leave. The brothers refused upon which waiters began to assault them. According to the post, there were about 30 waiters who started assaulting the brothers. And suddenly, the owner of the restaurant came wielding his gun and aimed to shoot the brothers but missed and accidentally shot one of his own employees instead.

They then took one of the brothers and beat him senseless in the basement and then left him for dead. But fortunately, he was found by his brother and some friends who rushed him to the hospital.

ASSALAMOALAIKUM!I am syed ather shah rashdi’s wife here. Today I will explain and remove all the curtains from the…

Gepostet von Syed Ather Shah Rashdi am Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019

Accompanying the statement in the post are a few photos and a video in which Ather shows off all his scrapes and bruises from the ordeal.

Now, I am no expert but in the video, he looks to be completely fine apart from a few scrapes and bruises. And if he was in the critical condition the wife/mother described, the damage should have been much more.

Source: Syed Athar Shah Rashdi / Facebook


Source: Syed Athar Shah Rashdi / Facebook

The post is an appeal to the public to believe the family and that the brothers are innocent and did no wrong.


Apart from people who personally know the family, no one is buying the story

Source: Syed Athar Shah Rashdi / Facebook
Source: Syed Athar Shah Rashdi / Facebook


The entire story seems incredibly transparent, and while I agree that every story has two sides; at least make sure your side is well constructed and can’t be seen through at first glance.


What do you think of the brother’s side of the story? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Syed Athar Shah Rashdi/Karachi Walay via Facebook

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