11 Misconceptions I Had About Pakistani Women As A Guy, That I Now Realize Are Absolutely False

By Mubasshir Ijaz | 6 Feb, 2019

Pakistani women are much more than what you think you know


Women are so confusing. I mean who are you, ladies? What do you want? Why do you confuse us guys so much? But to be honest, I used to have so many more misconceptions in the past about Pakistani women about how they are so different from women all over the world.

I guess the reason was that my misconceptions were shaped thanks to the media and lack of women in public spaces. Just as an example, compare how Hollywood portrays their women and how our dramas portrayed ours. It was only after growing up and interacting with women I realize what the truth really is.

So today I’m going to share some of those faltu misconceptions I had about Pakistani women with you:


They all love to gossip

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Well a lot of them do love to gossip but at the same time, I’ve met so many women who hate that bullshit. In fact, there are many guys who love to gossip equally, if not more so. There are the mohallay ki phuphos for sure but there are also no-nonsense khawateen who like to focus on the better things in life.


They are all shareef AF and absolute naik Parveens

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It’s safe to assume that sharafat has nothing to do with gender. This was actually a relief because girls with dirty minds are way more fun than girls who get pissed off every time you inadvertently utter the ‘F’ word in front of them.

Never underestimate women these days about anything, they will shock your ass.


Pakistani girls aren’t players

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They are just as haraami as guys are these days and in many cases maybe even more. One of my best friends got played by a girl he dated for over 5 years. It turned out that she was dating two guys at once, him for 5 years and another one for 3 years before he found out. Her reply to this was that she loves them both jaise woh dono uske bache hein lol. BOSS!


Their biggest goal in life is kids and lots of them

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I’ve come to understand that some women don’t even like kids. They genuinely can’t even stand them. I’ve heard so many girls say that they think kids are the most annoying things in the world. I once read an article about a woman who kept getting abortions without her husband knowing. So boys, ladies don’t have to be born to be mothers.


They don’t do any savage jughatbaazi

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In reality stage drama wale level ki jughatbaaz aurtain hein humari. They have roasting sessions just like guys do. I learned about this when I was out with a friend and her best friend happened to be eating at the same restaurant without telling my friend. They hugged and called each other things I’m ashamed of mentioning here.

Again I was shocked I was only 16 and I had never heard a girl say such beautiful things before.


They all just want to marry a rich guy

Source: Oriental Films

That’s not completely true. There are some goldiggers for sure but that’s also not dependent on one’s gender. Some women go for looks, some go for kindness and whatnot, it’s all relative to what’s most important to them.


They don’t watch porn

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Let’s just say I was using someone’s mobile because mine was charging and I typed P on her browser and shut down the tab faster than you can blink. I learned women can objectify men as well. I laughed my ass off that day.


They don’t understand football, cars, bikes or gaming

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A lot of them not only understand how these “boy things” work but they actually enjoy these very much. The wife material exists, dear boys, and she plays FIFA, she drives fast, she can nutmeg you in football and she loves cricket.

Btw, ladies: if any of you girls are like this please call me.


Pakistani women aren’t that ambitious about a career

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Gender roles don’t mean too much when it comes to ambition (or anything for that matter) these days. My friend’s banking colleague would do almost anything to close an account and she is his boss, now.


Their minds aren’t sexual or dirty

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They are equally dirty as men they just hide it very well, probably because they’re smarter. If anyone one of you guys have a girl as a best friend you all know this too well.


Woh tharki nahi hotein

Source: National Foods Pakistan / YouTube

Tharak la ilaaj hai boys.

A girl once stole my number from her friend’s mobile and randomly texted me because she liked my WhatsApp picture. I thought some dude was trying to catfish me at first because she was hot and I couldn’t believe it. Let’s just say I had a good self-confidence boost that day.


I hope you guys enjoyed my journey from misconceptions to reality. It has been an educational and somewhat amusing journey. What are some misconceptions you had about girls in Pakistan?


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