This Pakistani Makeup Artist’s Powerful Message To Bullies Will Make You Applaud Her Courage

By Biya Haq | 6 Feb, 2019

Now, THIS is the makeup challenge to follow in 2019.

Recently, makeup artists all over the world started showcasing their talent through the #Bratz Challenge.

Women (and men) were transforming their faces with ‘Bratz doll’ inspired makeup looks.

With over 50,000 posts on Instagram, suffice to say the trend pretty much went viral.

However, one Pakistani makeup artist decided to take the challenge into her own hands and create a look much more powerful than a doll.

Pakistani makeup artist Nida Ahmed came out with an incredibly moving look and a message to bullies and online-harassers everywhere.

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Everyone was doing the #bratzchallenge but I wanted to share this before getting into that challenge. DO NOT BE That person who likes to bring other people down. DO NOT! Your words could have such a negative impact on someone that people end up taking their life. STOP BEING THE REASON OF SOMEONE’S LOW ESTEEM, STOP BEING THE REASON FOR SOMEONE’S SUICIDE. STOP! It is said that if you have nothing good to say then don’t say it at all. It is none of your business how someone looks. Being fat is not a crime, being short is not a sin, having acne is not weird, having a dark complexion is not ugly, being skinny is not wrong. STOP LABELING PEOPLE WITH MEAN WORDS!!!! Not everyone is strong to take those words and not bother about them. I am strong today because I fought against it all but not everyone has the power to fight against it. Body shaming or character shaming is not right. Understand this. Respect people and love them for who they are. Do not give unsolicited advice on issues that do not concern you. Everyone is different and learn to accept those differences. Oh why don’t you diet? Oh, you know this is not healthy? Oh, try a fairness cream maybe? Oh, why don’t you eat food, why are u so skinny? Oh, go to a doctor, you have so much acne. Oh, start hanging from the tree to increase your height. Oh oh oh oh!!! STOP!!!!! Please STOP with these ohs.. Live peacefully and let people live. This had been in my heart for so long and I got inspired by @makeupbyidda ‘s post and thought to share my opinion regarding this. And always remember one thing, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! No matter what anyone says, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! #blushitupbynida #heart2heartwithnida #positivity #bodyshaming ##bodypositivity #creativemakeup #bhcosmetics #nyxcosmetics #katvondbeauty #hudabeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #abhbrows #gerardcosmetics #brokenface #maskmakeup #iambeautiful #stopbullying #unleashyourinnerartist #parhlopink #mangobazz

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The image itself was so strong however the caption that Nida wrote along with her makeup look was even stronger.

The nature of social media has changed lives and social landscapes everywhere. Where it can be a confidence builder for some, for others it can be quite crippling to be active on. Pakistanis especially are generally lacking a filter. Many of us can most likely say that at least once in our lives, we have been in positions where we have been picked on by people who use the excuse that they ‘care.’

Calling someone out for being too fat or too skinny or too fair or too dark is an opinion that believe it or not, does not need to be said out loud, or typed out for that matter.

The artist said that she was initially inspired by Ida of Makeup by Ida who came out with a similar post.

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🚫BULLIES BEHIND KEYBOARDS ARE STILL BULLIES. ___ I’m so grateful that I don’t get much hate! But I know many people, struggling with it every single day. It’s not right! Stop doing it!🚫 therefore I chose to do the #bratzchallenge a little bit differently! ___ Inspired by @shanedawson ad @keilidhmua ____ Products used: • @kryolanofficial water paints • @morphebrushes x @jamescharles • @plouise_makeup_academy white base • @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow medium brown • @ofracosmetics x @nikkietutorials glazed donut • @fentybeauty liquid eyeliner • @tartecosmetics shape tape • @makeupforeverofficial bronzer • @katvondbeauty bow n arrow ____ #dollchalenge#unleashyourinnerartist #stopbulling ____ 🚫💻

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These artists are taking a popular makeup challenge and turning into a very important life lesson and people are absolutely here for it.

Source: @nidaahmed Via Instagram
Source: @nidaahmed Via Instagram
Source: @nidaahmed Via Instagram
Source: @nidaahmed Via Instagram
Source: @nidaahmed Via Instagram

We have to be so careful with what we say in the media nowadays. Not only for our mental health but for the sake of little girls and boys who are looking at this content the same way we are.

Have you seen the post? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: @nidaahmed Via Instagram

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