Here's What Your Deepest Fear Secretly Is, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Rameen Shakil | 6 Feb, 2019

Did you ever wonder whether your fears and insecurities are linked to your zodiac sign? Reading positive things about your sign can be fun and cute, but the real deal is to explore the dark side. Once you are aware of the negative feelings and fears that you could (possibly) be prone to, according to astrology, the next step would be to work past those insecurities. Or at least be aware of them.

So, let’s take a look at the common fears of each zodiac sign, you might find yours:



What’s scarier for an Aries than losing a fight is losing a friend in the process. If Aries does wrong and their friend disappears rather than fighting back, they will never forget their mistake. In Aries’ head, that is the height of ‘wrongness’ and there’s no coming back from it.

Your biggest fear: losing people you love



Comfort is on Taurus’ top list. They take pleasure in the simple things life has to offer; good food, good friends, warm clothes, and a decent roof to live under. Since all of these require financial stability, Taurus guards their money with their lives and makes sure that they are never victims of debt.

Your biggest fear: financial instability

Source: Tenor



Gemini’s change their decisions, stances, and promises (even to themselves) so often that one might consider them unreliable. However, the truth is that they are terrified of making the wrong decision so they seem undecided. Weighing the pros and cons never work in their favor because they are always considering the possibility of a “what if”.

Your biggest fear: making decisions

Source: The Good Place


Cancers prefer staying in their safe place. They are so scared of being in a situation where they can’t escape from that ironically, they fight against this by always putting themselves in difficult situations. They face their fears head-on and do things that seem physically and emotionally unfamiliar because they are terrified of leaving their comfort zones.

Your biggest fear: leaving home

Source: Oriental Films



Leo’s hate walking into a room unnoticed. They want everyone to acknowledge their presence, regardless of the kind of attention they get. That’s why, it is almost impossible to ignore them either because of their wardrobe, fashion sense or the way they express themselves.

Your biggest fear: being ignored

Source: Tumgir


Virgo’s are generally negative people so any little thing can tick them off. They see themselves as realists, but really, they are the way they are because they never let themselves aim too high, in case of disappointment. They try to stay organized with their physical and emotional lives because that’s the only way they know how to keep their emotions at bay and feel accomplished.

Your biggest fear: being imperfect

Source: Sadia Jabbar Production


Loving and passionate, Libra’s are generally great romantic partners. You’d see them and just know that they’d end up in happy relationships. However, inside their heads, they imagine themselves forever alone. They are so scared of that alternate reality that they’ll either close themselves off to the world or want to marry their first partners because they’re frightened that they might never find anyone else.

Your biggest fear: dying alone and not having anyone to love you

Source: Friends


Abandonment is the reason why Scorpio fears intimacy. They are the most sensitive sign in the zodiac because they are too sensitive to ever fully express their feelings. They are scared that eventually, everyone will leave them or that they will lose their individuality if they open their hearts to anyone. Hence, they tend to push lovers and friends away.

Your biggest fear: being intimate with someone

Source: Sadia Jabbar Production


Claustrophobia is as real as it gets for Sags. They are afraid of confined spaces or anything that affects their freedom. Sag’s enjoy exploring new surroundings and throwing themselves out into the open. Sometimes. they shy away from any responsibility that makes them feel trapped.

Your biggest fear: closed spaces

Source: AN Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. / Showcase Films



Capricorns can come across are workaholics who are constantly trying to climb the ladder of success. They are so frightened of disappointment and failure that you will always see them trying to excel in things that they know they’re good at. They will never even offer to try a task they know they’ll fail at. More than the outside world, they are scared of disappointing themselves.

Your biggest fear: failure

Source: Giphy


Aquarius’s are very similar to Sagittarius in this regard. The only difference is that their claustrophobia is directed at institutions such as schools, corporate work, or marriage. They like being able to make their own decisions, which is why they’re so original. They hate confining themselves to a certain place or mindset.

Your biggest fear: higher authority and institutions

Source: Tumblr


Pisces enjoy living in a fantasy world where they refuse to grow up. They are creative by nature but are completely unequipped to deal with day-to-day life. Ironically, they seem the most mature out of the zodiac without having any real wisdom. This is why they often turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms to shut off the responsibility of the real world.

Your biggest fear: taking responsibility

Source: Tumblr

Sometimes, awareness is everything. Knowing and accepting your fears help you work against them and move on in life. Tag your friends in the comments so that they can know where their insecurities lie.


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