Sabeen Mahmud and the Contradictions of Pakistan

By Hamza Ghaznavi | 28 Apr, 2015

Earlier this year, prominent social and human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud was shot dead in Karachi. Many argue that she was shot because she stood up for the innocent and the oppressed, most recently for her support of the “Unsilencing Balochistan” talk. Her death shook many – but the irony, however, is that this isn’t something new or different in Pakistan; many voices and cries have been silenced before Mahmud. 

Pakistan can be a great country. These actions, however, silence the very people working to help move Pakistan in the right direction. And it just these kind of actions that plunge a society into darkness, ultimately leading them to anarchy. Here are a few things that Sabeen Mahmud’s death tell us about ourselves.


1. We tend to protest, burn and hit our own people for something that is happening 7 seas across.

Source: Baltimore Sun

Cars being burnt for for an anti-islamic film made by an amateur in the U.S. This protest alone caused 13 deaths. Of Pakistanis.

Yet we couldn’t care less when our own people are burnt alive. Or maybe we just don’t consider them our own.

couple urnt alive Source: NBC News

Christian couple burnt alive, in front of Police and dozen witnesses, over alleged blasphemy


2. We vowed to put an end to sectarian violence

hazara Source: Hazara People

Relatives with their loved ones’ dead bodies in front of the Governor House in Quetta protesting the killing of Hazara Shite community.

Yet we discuss the possibilities of fighting somebody else’s war based on sectarianism

Source: FARS

Atleast 180 children have been killed in the war between Houthi Shite Rebels and Saudia Arabia


3. It took a massacre of 132 school children

they went to school Source: Blogspot

to make us realize these people are not our friends

never forget.nerver forgive Source: Pakistan Today

Head of TTP’s negotiating committee shaking hand with the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on National Affairs.


4. We promised to put an end to the Taliban and their extremist mindset

primeminister Source: Express Tribune 

All Political leaders get together to hold a press conference after the Dec 16th attack

enough Source: Dawn News

Candle Light Vigil In Islamabad for the brave souls who were martyred

And yet their sympathizers roam free and spit on our faces 

maulana abdul aziz Source: Dawn

Maulana Abdul Aziz, the biggest Taliban sympathizer resides comfortably in Islamabad


5. Our Government assures the progress and equality of Balochistan

PrimeMinistersFreeHigherEducationtoBalochistanGilgitBaltistanampFATA_zps9749af34 Source:

And yet we silence them every opportunity we get

banned-lums Source: New Pakistan


6. We idolize mass murderers

lakhvi-1 Source: NDTV

Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, a known mass murder responsible for the Mumbai attacks, waves to his supporters.

And despise our own Noble laureates


A renowned Pakistani journalists with a significant following.

7. We live in a country where killing an innocent in broad day light will make you a hero

mumtaz boi Source: Daily Muslims

Mumtaz Qadri, responsible for the cowardly assaniation of Governor Taseer, was treated like a hero.

And where defending one will get you a shot in the head

Pakistan Source: Timedotcom

Sabeen Mahmud, who helped raise awareness about the atrocities caused to the Baloch community, being taken to her burial site.


fear is just a line Source: Brandsynario


Rest In Peace Sabeen Mahmud, sorry for not raising our voices enough. #IAmSabeen


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