These Hardee's Advertisements Are Causing Outrage in Pakistan

By Ali Ahsan | 21 Jul, 2015

Hardee’s, just like it’s sister chain Carl’s Jr, is known around the world for it’s raunchy and sexual advertisements. Well, it’s also known for it’s burgers and milkshakes. But can a brand like Hardee’s maintain it’s brand identity in Pakistan where such blatant sexual references are taboo? Well, Hardee’s recently launched a new marketing campaign for their Angus Thickburgers and it looks like they have their answer.


There were many people who weren’t happy with Hardee’s for their cultural insensitivity.






But then, there were also some people who were entertained rather than outraged.









Regardless of the mixed responses, Hardee’s has succeeded in making a viral campaign. Now there’s a bigger question you have to ask: will you boycott the Hardee’s or appreciate the (vulgar) marketing for its effectiveness? Let us know what you think.




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