There Was A Group Wedding On “Suno Chanda 2” Last Night And It Was A Massive Party

By MangoBaaz Studio | 14 May, 2019

Last night’s episode of ‘Suno Chanda’ was a shaadi-feast for its fans, with two couples getting nikkah-fied.

Runaway brides, two¬†nikkahs,¬†the usual Jiya-Arsal feuds¬†and lots of glam summed up last night’s shaadi special on ‘Suno Chanda.’¬†It was far from dull, and when you plunge the entire whacky household into a¬†shaadi¬†function, you know it’s going to be an event-filled episode.

It wasn’t just Jiya and Arsal’s¬†walima¬†last night – but two¬†nikkahs¬†too in the much awaited¬†shaadi segment.

Kinza and Sherry, and Joji and Billo respectively had their¬†nikkahs¬†in-between the hullabaloo of Jiya and Arsal’s¬†walima.¬†After a beautiful little entrance with the drama’s OST in the background of all three couples that mirrored the first season’s finale (something¬†‘Suno Chanda’¬†have made their own), fans were treated to their favorite characters all decked and dolled in glittery¬†shaadi¬†attire.

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There were selfies with OPPO F11 Pro, which, turns out, is the official partner for ‘Suno Chanda’.

Lookin’ good Iqra.

While Kinza and Sherry haven’t as yet been given their own arc, we’re glad they finally tied the knot after having suffered a case of unrequited love.

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Seeing them together honestly makes our hearts melt <3

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However, in typical¬†‘Suno Chanda’¬†fashion, Jiya and Arsal fought once again – and this time it was something unacceptable on Arsal’s part.

We all know how wistful Jiya’s been over wanting to go to London, despite no one in the family taking her seriously. What’s more unfortunate is that Arsal is far from the supportive husband we all panned him out to be. He spends the entire¬†walima¬†mocking Jiya about London after she gets an email confirming her acceptance into a university there.

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Jiya is miserable and fed up of Arsal’s taunting – and why shouldn’t she be? Her husband doesn’t even support her because of his own selfish needs.

Naturally, Jiya slips away from the festivities along with Mithu and DJ and rushes back home.

She’s hurt, and it’s painful watching her like this – in this society, women often get shackled into the dark and aren’t given any oppurtunity to breathe; and what’s happening to Jiya is a tarnished emblem of our societal mindset.

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After Arsal raises the alarm back at the function that Jiya’s run away, the event is cut short as everyone rushes back home.

While the elders bicker over who to blame, Jiya shuts herself off from everyone. Arsal tries to console her, and as the episode cuts off we’re hoping he comes to his senses and gets over his misogynistic behavior.

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As always, the drama has us hooked to our seats.

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