The Teaser For ‘Suno Chanda 2' Just Dropped And It’s Everything You Could’ve Hoped For

By Arslan Athar | 21 Apr, 2019

Suno Chanda 2′ has been creating a lot of hype since it was announced, and since we’re nearing Ramazan, that just means that the show is coming soon. We’ve been seeing a lot of BTS shots from the shows and the hype has only been increasing.

All these photos have been giving us feels. 


And the ‘Jiya-Arsal’ shots made our hearts FLUTTER. 


To add to the excitement of it all, the teaser for the show dropped and OH MY LAWD! 

The teaser has only aired on television and has not yet been released on YouTube, so do excuse the quality.


The teaser starts with Jiya celebrating that she got a visa. 

Where is she going? Why is she going? Masters ke liye jaa rahi hain? Is Arsal going too? So many darn questions!



Then we got shots to Jiya and Arsal, and they’re signature long stares into each other eyes. 

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


Also, in the middle we see the entire family dancing together, so maybe there’s another shaadi coming up? 

Who knows? This is all just pure conjecture.

Source: HUM TV


The promo was hardly half a minute long, so there isn’t much else we can pick out from it, however, one thing is for sure; the excitement for the new season is on an all-time high!

Raise your hand if you agree!

Source: ABC

Fans of the show are super excited after seeing the promo air on TV. 



We cannot wait to see the show and all what it has to offer in its new edition.

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: HUM TV

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