Who Is This Naik Parveen And Why Is She All Over My Newsfeed Right Now?

By Rameeza Ahmad | 21 Apr, 2019

Does Naik Parveen have ill intentions as some people believe?


Naik Parveen has only been known as a phenomenon until now. An epitome of sharafat and holier than thou attitude, it’s, as they say, a kaifiat but this funny stranger on Facebook is changing all of that.


This funny Naik Parveen has been all over Facebook recently

Some of you may have come across Naik Parveen Syndrome, a Facebook page which is run by a woman who hides her face with makeshift niqabs of towels, bedsheets or whatever she might have at hand. She’s so entertaining that I decided to speak with her about everything she can reveal.

Source: Naik Parveen Syndrome via Facebook.com

So, she started her page in 2013 and uploaded one-liner statuses and only recently started uploading videos. After the Aurat March this year, videos started appearing on her timeline. And this is when she started to go viral with hundreds of shares and thousands of views on her videos.

Naik Parveen is a woman clad in a makeshift purple cheetah print niqab talked about how she could not relate to the women who took part in the march since her husband was incredibly sweet and supportive.

Once they got married she was about to quit her job but her husband encouraged her to not leave her job as long as she could handle her household responsibilities side by side. She then goes on to say she continued to work until she had four children. She would forget to drink water or even take a dump but would make sure her husband had a warm meal when he got home from work. And there it is, there’s the zing. With a simple video of 32 seconds, Naik Parveen beautifully showed us the internalized misogyny found in a plethora of Pakistani women who think it’s a woman’s job to take care of the household no matter what.


And the theme of all of Naik Parveen’s videos is showing us how internalized misogyny has made Pakistani women despise one another

Sub bheno Kay lieae aik aham peeghaam…

Gepostet von ‎نیک پروین سِینڈرُوم – naik parveen syndrome‎ am Mittwoch, 13. März 2019

She told me the reason she started the page was because of how dangerously close to this ‘Naik Parveen Syndrome’ culture she had gotten. Classmates and friends who got married completely changed their aspirations as soon as they had the ‘Mrs’ title before their name.

A lot of people argue that all choices women make should be respected including the choice to be a stay-at-home mother, who has devoted her life to homemaking.


Naik Parveen makes fun of women who don’t work so I asked what does she have against them?

Meray #voh mujhey dhoodhtay hein….

Gepostet von ‎نیک پروین سِینڈرُوم – naik parveen syndrome‎ am Freitag, 5. April 2019

To this, she said, ” It seems to me that our definition of freedom to choose is only limited to women choosing a very typical lifestyle that only serves to enable and encourage misogyny. As soon as that very woman chooses to shed the burqa, to not get married, to not cook food for her husband, to not have kids, wear western clothes, etc, she will not only be called out as a slut but this society and especially the men who hold the power, will systematically try to bring her down. Where does the freedom of choice go then?”


There are women who choose to cover themselves out of their own free will and her character which covers her head and face with a niqab is perceived by some as making fun of women who do cover their heads

To this Naik Parveen said, “If I was wearing a mask would that be also considered as a statement against someone who wears masks by choice? The use of a towel to cover my face is intentional and serves to point out just that. Who uses a towel as a burqa, nobody!”.

Gali ki kuttiyan na houn toh…

Gepostet von ‎نیک پروین سِینڈرُوم – naik parveen syndrome‎ am Freitag, 22. März 2019

Finally, I asked her if we will ever know the face of the woman behind Naik Parveen Syndrome. To this she said, she has no current plans to reveal her identity. She wants the content to be judged on its own and not be associated with a name and face. This would give people ammunition to dismiss what she says because she would be an individual personality but right now, she’s just an idea.

All in all, Naik Parveen Syndrome has really won the internet with her videos. None of her videos are over the minute mark, but the point made in every single one of them lands where it is intended to land. Rest assured, Naik Parveen has every intention to offend those who take offense with her content. Like her name ‘Naik Parveen Syndrome’ suggests, it is precisely meant to offend women who think they are morally superior to other women because of the choice they make.


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Cover Image Source: Naik Parveen Syndrome via Facebook.com

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