The Sun Shine Girls Claim To Be The First Pakistani K-Pop Fans And Their Moves Are Literally Award Winning

By Rameeza Ahmad | 11 Jul, 2019

The Sun Shine Girls claim to have been the first K-Pop dance cover artists in Pakistan.

K-Pop is becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan and as new fans join the fandom, we shouldn’t forget those who brought the trend to Pakistan. Suzen, Genevieve, and Sofia claim to be one of the first ‘K-Poppers’ in Pakistan. They have been interested in Korean culture since 2005, when their mother told them about the country.

They call themselves the ‘Sun Shine Girls’, a name based on the first initial of their names. The girls, who happen to be sisters have been dancing to and singing Korean songs for over a decade, since they started in 2007.

They attribute their love of K-Pop to Girls Generation and S.E.S.


The girls from the Islamabad based trio – which is now a duo because their eldest sister had to leave the group to focus on her higher education – have dedicated their lives to promoting Korean culture in Pakistan. The reason for their determination to do so is because of everything they feel they have achieved through K-Pop.

They have learned various lessons in self-love, confidence, and happiness through K-Pop and want to spread this message further. The Sun Shine Girls want to promote a more peaceful image of Pakistan and show what Pakistani women are capable of through their dance covers.

Source: Sun Shine Girls

The Sun Shine Girls happen to be very popular with a dedicated fan-base they refer to as ‘Twinkles’. With over 30,000 followers on Instagram, it is no surprise that their talents are sought after for various events in their city, Islamabad.

They recently participated in the Korean Embassy’s K-Pop World Festival in Islamabad and ended up winning first place in the dance competition category for the second year in a row.

Source: Sun Shine Girls

While the girls want to pursue their K-pop dance and music covers as a profession, they say they don’t exactly hold any false hopes since they know they are not Korean which can make it hard to break into the world of K-Pop. But they’re determined nonetheless.

You can watch their award-winning dance cover to BlackPink’s ‘Kill This Love’ here:

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Cover Image Source: Sun Shine Girls

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