The Story Of Daniyal, Mano And Julie Has Taken Over The Internet & Here's How Pakistanis Are Reacting

By Astarte | 10 Jul, 2020

Daniyal Mano and Julie have taken over Pakistani social media

Pakistanis have a weird, voyeuristic relationship to anything even remotely sexual. Remember when Uncle Majboor became famous? Or the infamous ammi jee dialogue that too social media by storm? If you think about it, all these incidents have one thing in common – a sexually frustrated society finding someone’s sexual expression to be extremely entertaining. Well, something similar just happened with our current story, let’s dive in.


So recently you might have come across the names Daniyal, Mano and Julie and wondered what that’s all about

WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Twitter are flooded with memes and jokes about it. While Instagram and YouTube have some auditory evidence floating around.


There are so many memes and jokes floating around about Daniyal, Mano and Julie


Many have dissected the whole thing to bits


Some of the weird things Mano said have also turned into memes

She said kissing burns calories so people took this opportunity to fat shame others.


People are especially relating really hard with Julie because you know we’ve ALL been there


More than the actual “stars” of the incident, Julie jokes have taken over social media 


So what is the story of Daniyal, Mano and Julie all about?

Going into too much detail of the actual is… unnecessary, shall we say, but the summary is that someone named Mano was heard on an audio that has taken over Pakistani social media. In the infamous audio Mano is talking about how her friend Julie was dropped at her place where Mano and her boyfriend Daniyal were hanging out. When things started to get a little frisky between Mano and Daniyal, Julie was asked to hang out in the bathroom, alone. The person then goes into some salacious description of how she (Mano) and Daniyal got down to their…ummm… business while Julie was stuck in the bathroom.


Well, that’s all there is to know about the now famous Julie and her friends but all of this raises some very pertinent concerns

Everyone knows how sex is a taboo in Pakistan. Any discussion, learning or jokes about sex are a strict no go so naturally people hide anything sexual. This leads to young people, who are naturally sexually frustrated in a constricted society that doesn’t allow them to express their sexuality, to find ways to satisfy their urge in any form possible. The story of Daniyal, Mano and Julie is not different. Because of a lack of space environment for them to express their natural urges they’ve had to hide their sexuality from the world and do it in hotel rooms like this. Of course, when these stories leak on to social media because of equally frustrated friends or foes, they become a center of attention because everyone else uses these incidents to channel their own sexual frustrations.

So the moral of the story is, a sexually frustrated society will lead to these incidents happening again, therefore it’s best to not make sex a taboo and allow young people a safe space to explore and learn about it safely.


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