The Pakistan Vs Bangladesh Memes Are Already Pouring In And Kya 92 Main Bhi Yehi Hua Tha?

By Rameeza Ahmad | 4 Jul, 2019

Pakistan vs Bangladesh will be a nail-biting finish for Pakistan… or will it?

After yesterday’s heartbreaking match where New Zealand’s team let Pakistanis down by losing, the chances of Pakistan entering the Cricket World Cup 2019’s semi-finals slimmed down even further. And with the next match tomorrow being Pakistan vs Bangladesh, the entire country has once again summoned their calculators to do the math.

And everyone has the same result; it ain’t happening.

If by some miracle Pakistan does end up going to the Cricket World Cup 2019’s semi-finals, Pakistanis will lose their minds. But honestly, I don’t really see that happening. And since this will happen if Pakistan wins the Pak vs Ban; the upcoming match for the CWC 2019 that too by a huge margin, people have already accepted their fate through the magic of memes.

However, some people are stilling holding on to hope that by some miracle Pakistan can still get into the semi-finals by giving a huge margin of loss to Bangladesh.

Others have more sinister plans in mind for how Pakistan could enter the semi-finals.

If anything, this cricket world cup gave us amazing memes and hopefully, the last match of the 2019 world cup for Pakistan vs Bangladesh will provide for more fodder for the internet.

Truly we are a resilient nation and will rise once again in our unity for memes.


Pakistan vs Bangladesh 2019 might prove to be a game-changing match; if nothing it will at least provide Pakistanis with some good entertainment considering we’ve already all but given up.

What do you think about Pakistan’s chances of entering the semi-finals? Let us know in the comments below.


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