The Latest Episode Of ‘Meri Guriya' Is So Intense, It Actually Scares Me To Watch It Alone

By Arslan Athar | 26 Jul, 2018

Meri Guriya’ has been captivating audiences throughout Pakistan. A gripping storyline, strong social commentary and stellar performances have made the show a quick favorite for Pakistanis.


This episode is definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Source: Big Bang Entertainment

Shehnaz decides that she will not live with Shahmeer if he goes through with his second marriage to a 16-year-old girl. In her attempts to stop the marriage, she and Safina reach the girl’s house, only to figure out that the girl herself, Najia, is a rape victim and is deaf too. Her parents are in a tight corner and feel obliged to give their daughter away because, according to them, they only have so much life left in them and that their daughter will have no one and nothing once they die. Seeing the situation around her, Shehnaz gives in and prepares to leave the house, along with the girls. Also in this episode, we see Safina make a place in the heart of her susraal, everyone grows to accept her and she begins to change things in that house; all but one thing. Dabeer still stays in staunch opposition of his wife, and the rest of his family can see it now too. It’s basically Safina and her in-laws versus Dabeer. During Shahmeer’s shaadi, Dabeer goes over to his house to deliver groceries and supplies. While there, he asks for water, because of which he is able to get some time alone with Abida. He uses this time very wisely and instantly drugs her and put her in an extra bori in the back of his truck.


Source: Big Bang Entertainment


It takes for the wedding festivities to die down a bit for everyone to realize that Abida is gone, and thus begins the chaos that engulfs the rest of the episode. 

From this point, the episode deals in a lot of social commentaries. First off the show targets the police. Shahmeer and Dabeer’s brother, Yawar are seen being mistreated by the policemen in their area. They’re shouted at for showing up at the thaana so late at night, on top of which, the cops have the least interest in having an investigation started. This just goes to show how nonchalant people can be about such issues. The prevailing attitude shown is that ‘wo ajaye gi waapis, aap bas ghar mein wait karein.’ 

Source: Big Bang Entertainment

The show also focuses on how everyone else in the community feels. Rather on focusing that a little girl is missing in a neighborhood that has a child abuse problem, the people they showed were more concerned with the fact that Shahmeer was marrying such a young girl. Generally, the sentiment was just focusing on gossip rather than on the case at hand. The general nonchalance was disturbing to watch, however, this sets into motion the rest of the story. With this comes the potential for the show to talk about larger issues regarding child abuse.


Also, Mohsin Abbas and Sania Saeed MUST be appreciated for their performances in this episode. Sania makes you cry with her while Mohsin makes you cringe whenever the shot gets to him.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment

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