We Saw The First Episode Of “Meri Guriya” And Honestly, Why Haven't You Seen It Yet

By Arslan Athar | 28 Jun, 2018

Meri Guriya’ aired its first episode yesterday on ARY Digital.  The show stars Sania Saeed, Mohsin Abbas Haider, and Sonya Hussyn. The show revolves around child sexual abuse, rape, and murder.

The first scene of ‘Meri Guriya’ is the discovery of the body of a little girl in the woods. The police determine, early on, that the girl was raped and then murdered. 

Source: ARY Digital // Youtube

The girl is identified at Arfa. The moment her mother comes over to identify is especially heartbreaking.

Arfa studied in the local madrasa and her best friend there is Abida, whose mother is Sania Saeed’s character, Shehnaz.

Source: ARY Digital // Youtube

In Shehnaz’s part of the muhalla, wedding bells are sounding as one of their neighbor’s son is getting married. This is where the show begins to deal with the way that we as a society, deal with rape and sexual abuse. During a dholki, the news of Arfa’s tragic death breaks, the songs stop for a while until one of the guests says

Woh log teesri galli mein rehtay hai, hum kyun apne gaanay band karay?’ 

Source: ARY Digital // Youtube

As the news finally travels to Shehnaz’s house, her mother in law reacts badly and blames the way girls act and behave. According to her, this modern age had made larkiyan bekaar. Shehnaz fights back and says that she wants to educate her girls and make them independent. The daadi’s response is one we’re all too familiar with;

Jo maaein apne betiyon ko pairon pe khari karti hai unn hi ki betiyan milti hai khaiton se’. 

Source: ARY Digital // Youtube

Basically, the daadi embodies the strictly ‘traditional’ and rather regressive societal views that exist with regards to girls and empowering them.

While this is happening, the neighborhood shaadi goes on. The couple, Dabeer (Mohsin Abbas) and Safina (Sonya Hussyn) meet in a rather comical exchange.

Source: ARY Digital // Youtube

Both are equally reluctant to be married however find themselves in this particularly interesting situation. Sonya might actually be more anti-marriage since she reveals she had about 4 mangniyan broken and how she wanted her marriage with Dabeer to end in divorce, which hilariously, he’s okay with.

Safina reveals she loves to play badminton and that her family didn’t support her, but asks her husband to take her match the next day. Again, he agrees! 

Source: ARY Digital // Youtube

The show ends on an interesting note, which shows us that the story regarding sexual abuse and rape. This was just the first episode however the show shows promise and this is definitely one drama we’re going to keep an eye out. The public discussion around these topics is beyond necessary, and maybe this show will bring this issue in the spotlight again, like how Udaari did.

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