Last Night's Episode of ‘Meri Guriya' Had A Major Plot Twist And We Are Creeped Out

By Arslan Athar | 13 Jul, 2018

Meri Guriya’ is a relatively new show that airs on ARY Digital.

The show focuses on child abuse and comments heavily on the culture regarding girls and the patriarchy. You can read our review of the first episode here.

This week’s episode (which was a double episode) has a major plot twist and honestly, it’s left us a little shaken up. 

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Mohsin Abbas Haider’s character, Dabeer, is shown as a submissive and quiet man who keeps to himself. Following the rape and murder of a young girl in the community, Dabeer expresses his deep sorrow and hopelessness. This ALL changes very suddenly in the current episode.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment

We see Dabeer’s obsession with the rape incident increase, however, this suddenly reaches a tipping point. 

We don’t know what causes this shift in his behavior. It’s an abrupt shift and one that is not explained.

The episode begins with Dabeer fixating himself to Abida, Sania Saeed’s character’s youngest daughter. She’s close with his wife, Safina and he uses this connection to get close to Abida. We cannot help but applaud Mohsin’s acting because as we saw the episode we felt super creeped out by the facial expressions and the mannerisms he adopted.

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As the episode progresses we discover that Dabeer is obsessed with dolls and that it has been a childhood obsession. He may not play with them anymore but he still has a stash of them. He hints at this when Abida comes to return a doll that she assumed belonged to his wife, Safina. The scene where he and Abida talk about his dolls, he delivers an extremely unsettling dialogue; ‘Jin dolls ke saath mein khelta hoon, koh khelnay ke kaabil nahin rehti’. 

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As he gets closer to the girl, he gets more agitated as he’s unable to get some time alone with her. His attempts to get to her only get more desperate. He gets a lucky break when Abida’s phupo pines after him and gets him to have a phone call with him. It is in this phone call that he plans to meet her at her house and goes to the extreme of suggesting to drug the girls when he comes to meet her.

This leaves a LOT to the next episode, and we anticipate that stuff is going to get really intense next week. He most definitely is going to attempt to take Abida with him forcibly, especially considering the amount of planning he’s going to.

Source: Big Bang Entertainment

Other than this, attention needs to be given to the performances given by Sania Saeed and Sonya Hussyn. They carry the show forward as the strong female leads. They both have extremely strong characters that are bound by the society they live in. Keeping this in mind, we cannot wait to see what happens in next week’s installment of ‘Meri Guriya’. 

What do you think of ‘Meri Guriya’ so far? Let us know in the comment section.

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