This is What Happens to Your Friends When Graduation is Near

By Warda Zahid | 2 May, 2015

Graduations are always a bittersweet experience. These last few days with your buddies  in many a teary eyed hangouts as the nostalgia of the years that were overflows. Sure, stress of the finals may have caused you to shed a tear or two also.

During this time of the year, your buddies somehow transform into some interesting characters so here is what you may have seen around you as graduation nears:


1. The Cry Babies

They are always overflowing with emotions and will constantly remind you of the remaining days you have left together in college… and will support the statement with sobs – let the countdown begin!

Source: Tumblr


2. The Party Animals

While others are dying thinking about the uncertain future ahead, some God gifted people take this as their last opportunity to enjoy their life.

Source: Tumblr


3. The Rishta Freaks

They try their best to find a girl or a guy to get engaged to right after graduation. You can often find them gawking and smiling at random batch mates they never ever talked to during their time at the college.

Source: Tumblr


4. The Bragging Party

They already have job offers with good salaries and love to burn their unemployed batch mates by constantly reminding them about said job offers.

Source: Tumblr


5. The Unconcerned

They are neither worried about graduation nor about their future. They tend to have a negative sense of humor and laugh at their own lameness.

Source: Tumblr


6. The Life Haters

They think life will end after graduation. They’re usually comprised of hostel kids who now have to go back to their homes.

Source: Pinger


7. The Jobless Crowd

They are usually jobless, don’t have any job offers and aren’t expecting one in near future.

Source: Tumblr


8. The Girl Gang Discussing Their Sarris for Farewell Party

Ah, the girl gang. This is time of the year is good for tailors and Sarri sellers. During the last semester, they are concerned exclusively about their Sarri selection.

Source: UTHTime


9. The Missing Ones

These people go into hideout mode. They don’t care about the world around them. If anyone asks where they are, they give lame excuses. Their evil plan of acing the exams remain a secret.

Source: tumblr


10. The Professional Cheaters

They know that they won’t be able to leave college without a little push. They are busy making friends who will help them cheat. If they don’t find anyone, they have a plan B…the infamous booti.

Source: Tumblr


11. The Temporary Maulvi

This person starts acting religious and pleads to God for mercy. But we all know that this act will end the moment exams are over.

Source: Giphy


We wish all the senior the best of luck with their exams!


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