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The Lighter Side of Pakistan: A Mockumentary

The Lighter Side of Pakistan: A Mockumentary

In a mockumentary, fictional characters are used to create a parody in a documentary style. Many times, comedy is used to mock current events. And as such, they do not realistically portray a society in its actual form. Despite the comedy in it, a mockumentary is supposed to convey the issues in a society in a more digestible manner.

Pakistanis are a very diverse group of individuals. Of course, no one group of people can define Pakistan – it would be absurd to think so. And that’s the entire idea behind “The Lighter Side of Pakistan”

So here’s a breakdown of the MOCKumentary, where a “party boy” is being mocked 😉


Meet Roy. He’s a reporter from Amreeka trying to show a “different side” to Pakistan.


He meets a “liberal” dude who likes to party in the middle of no where.


Obviously, the dude isn’t like most Pakistanis.


Deep down, this “liberal” guy wants to go to Amreeka.


Clearly, Roy is an idiot for trying to understand Pakistanis by talking to people at a rave.


The purpose of the video is to provide a comedic narrative on just some of the things that happen in Pakistan. None of the events are realistic and are not meant to be a promotion of any behavior.

For those of you privileged enough to have access to YouTube, here’s a link to the video for your convenience. Or check it out on the Mangobaaz Facebook page here.

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