The Legendary Grumpy Cat, Known To Pakistanis As Manhoos Billi, Just Passed Away

By Bisma Rizwan | 17 May, 2019

Grumpy cat passed away and Honestly, today is a sad, sad day for the internet


It doesn’t matter if you’re addicted to social media, or you just come by once in a while to wander around, the Grumpy Cat is one icon that you must have stumbled across at least more than once!

Grumpy, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, quickly became an online sensation due to her permanent scowl and became a meme for the ages. She was first discovered on Reddit in 2012, and then quickly went on to be names the “Meme of the Year” at the 2013 Webby Awards, beating out Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake. Talk about the massive virality, man!

Source: The Official Grumpy Cat / Facebook


Today she passed away, aged 7, following complications from a recent urinary tract infection.

The news was broken by the official social media accounts of the cat. Today is indeed the grumpiest, TBH!

The icon had travelled across the world to be featured in TV shows and movies, as well as have public appearances.


The Grumpy Cat had a huge following here in Pakistan too and she was commonly known as the Manhoos Billi

I can’t even come to terms as I’m writing this that Grumpy cat passed away. Dear billi you’ll always bring us joy.

Source: Facebook / Manhoos Billi

And we were blessed with the most relatable memes all because of her

Source: Manhoos Billi / Facebook


The memes said all that we couldn’t really say ourselves, and more

Source: Manhoos Billi / Facebook


Just being the realest spirit animal ever

Source: Manhoos Billi / Facebook


Just spilling all of that endless tea

Source: Manhoos Billi / Facebook


But perhaps, she’s just gone too soon…

Source: Manhoos Billi / Facebook

Even though the cat who made all of our mornings better with the grumpiest of face but the best of humour won’t be around anymore, but her memory would continue to live on, and her memes would continue to make us all laugh!

RIP Grumpy, it was good while you were here.


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Cover image via: The Official Grump Cat / Facebook

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