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This 14 Year Old Super-Human From Karachi Is Called “The Human Owl” And Can Turn His Head 180 Degrees

This 14 Year Old Super-Human From Karachi Is Called “The Human Owl” And Can Turn His Head 180 Degrees

The Human Owl of Pakistan is going viral all over the world.


Don’t you just wish that you had eyes in the back just to make sure the people behind you weren’t up to no good? Like if they were doing any funny business behind your back you would immediately catch them red-handed.  For mothers and teachers, this would actually be a dream come true. That way kids would think twice before doing any shenanigans as soon as their mothers or teachers turn their backs.


 Well, this kid from Karachi can actually do super-human things to his body and that’s why he’s called “The Human Owl”

Meet Muhammad Sameer


Sameer who’s just 14-years old has this stunning ability to turn his head in 180 degrees. Meaning to say that this kid can catch you when you least expect it. He also has this ability to turn his shoulders 360 degrees.


It is not a rare medical condition that renders Sameer this uncanny ability but months of rigourous training


According to Sputnik News, Sameer’s mother had tried to stop him from doing such exercises but later on supported her son describing his newfound abilities as a gift of God.


Sameer’s story is not without real-life struggles


In an interview, the boy noted that his father, Sajid Khan age 49 suffered two strokes as a result of which he quit his job at a textile mill. This caused Sameer to quit his studies and help earn a living for his household and Hhe joined a break dance group known as the “Dangerous Boys”. The “Dangerous Boys” are comprised of a total nine members routinely perform dance shows across the city.

Sameer is able to earn between Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000 per show. The leader of the dance group Asher Khan told Daily Pakistan that Sameer’s career would go a long way with proper training.


We hope that Sameer’s dreams are fulfilled and he is able to continue his studies. Tell us what you think of the boy’s abilities in the comments below.


Cover image via: Muhammad Sameer / YouTube

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