The Chairman Of NAB Was Filmed On A “Romantic” Call With A Woman & Everyone's Wondering Inko Bhi Shayri Arahi Thi?

By Biya Haq | 24 May, 2019


Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal allegedly got caught on a ‘sexually charged’ phone call, and lol, it’s literally all over the news.


A local news channel played audio clips of the phone call allegedly of Chairman NAB having very private, Not-Safe-For-Ramazan phone conversation

At one point he said he would kiss her from her head to her feet and honestly I wanted to die.

Truly, what a classic politician move. Taking advantage of his position, using intimidation to woo a woman AND being caught doing it? Well done Chairman, well done. The woman who was on the phone call said she herself allegedly faced NAB, coincidentally when she refused his instructions. So toss a little blackmailing in the mix and there you go, you’ve got yourself a scandal.


Oh and the best part? His only response has been to deny deny deny.

That is right, the Chairman is now saying that he will not ‘bow down’ to anyone blackmailing him and sees the conversation as a means to use propaganda against him. Even though, word for word, we can hear him speaking to the woman on the call so sweetly and even asking her not to hug another man. Like ugh, NO dude.

And obviously, at this point, the news has hit social media and just as we thought, people can’t help themselves.


Pakistanis are now making fun of Mr. Iqbal and his ‘romantic’ phone call.


But what’s even more hilarious? People are actually DEFENDING him.

Since his denial of the accusation, people all over social media have been defending Iqbal, saying that he didn’t do anything wrong and that he was just being a little ‘tharki.’ Lol. Are you joking?


In fact, the channel that initially shared the audio is now denying the story ever happened in the first place.

They have also been charged with 42 FIRs. Interesting timing.

It’s ironic because the man who is supposed to hold everyone accountable is running away from being accountable himself and what’s even worse, is that the general public isn’t even calling him out for it. What kind of example does this set for other politicians who think they can get away with everything they want, despite being caught red-handed doing it? Not a great look for Pakistan’s politicians and its people.

Have you seen the video clip? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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