The Avengers Video Game's Trailer Just Released And Fans Are Pissed About How It Looks

By Rameeza Ahmad | 11 Jun, 2019

Avengers video game trailer has disappointed fans

Now that Avengers End Game has been out for some time now and the Avengers franchise as we knew it for the past decade has all but come to an end (well, at least the first phase), people were excited about Square Enix’s Avengers game which is slated for release on May 15, 2020 but after seeing the trailer, the hype has died down considerably.


The trailer for the Avengers video game was just released

Marvel Avengers – E3 2019 Trailer

THE AVENGERS HAVE ASSEMBLED! You've GOT to see the first gameplay trailer for Marvel Avengers

Gepostet von IGN am Montag, 10. Juni 2019


And honestly, it’s completely understandable why some people think that the trailer is kind of a mess

Fans are complaining about the graphics…

People had clearly been waiting for this game for quite a while and can’t help but feel that the game should have been better. The Avengers franchise has a HUGE fan following, and a lot of people looked forward to the game knowing that another movie with the same characters wasn’t going to come out. So it kinda sucks that a lot of those fans were left disappointed.


Maybe the game didn’t have a big budget or there still might be a lot of work that has to go into it before the actual release?

Maybe they blew it all on the epic Avengers: Endgame so they had to make do with cheaper cast voices and graphics options?


People are also complaining that the characters don’t have a likeness with the characters we see in movies


Which is why the entire thing looks a little low budget and cheap

But then again, the game was never intended to look like the actors who played the roles in the Avengers franchise. It’s a separate universe which is why the game is voiced and acted by different actors. But this fact is a little hard to swallow for fans who had already developed an affiliation with the actors who played the roles in the movies.


And people noticed that there was someone missing from the trailer… and is it even surprising? Considering he was also left out from the iconic poster for Avengers End Game?

Nonetheless, a few fans still have hope and are excited about the game nonetheless. Maybe the makers of it will have made some improvements that fans are demanding by the time the Avengers game is released. Only time will tell.

What do you think about the trailer for the Avenger’s game? Let us know in the comments below.


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