After Zardari, Hamza Shahbaz Just Got Arrested By NAB And Everyone's Making The Same Joke

By Sarmad Amer | 11 Jun, 2019

After Zardari now Hamza Shahbaz was arrested by NAB today

The National Accountability Bureau is on an accelerated anti-corruption now, it seems. While Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif have already been under the axe, with Nawaz already behind bars. Yesterday, PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari was arrested by NAB after the court rejected his bail plea. Now, the axe has fallen on Hamza Shahbaz.


Hamza Shahbaz was arrested today by the NAB team in regards to two cases about money laundering and holding assets beyond disclosed means

According to news, he was arrested after a Lahore High Court bench dismissed the bail applications filed by Hamza after his lawyer opted to withdraw the bail pleas in the two corruption cases.


Prior to his arrest, while speaking to the media, Hamza said that not even a “one rupee” corruption could be proven against him. “I will quit politics if it is proven that I was involved in corrupt practices,” he said.


Of course, people are going insane with this development unfolding so suddenly


And everyone’s making the same joke

With rumors that Hamza Shahbaz had a control over the poultry industry in Punjab, chicken memes are aplenty.



They’re asking what Imran Khan’s next move would be


Some people think this might actually be politically motivated to distract from the shit show that the budget might be


While this situation unfolds, we’ll keep you updated about the next move by NAB. Stay put!


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