Asif Zardari Danced To Celebrate PPP's Golden Jubilee And Pakistani Twitter Is Going Nuts Over It

By Alveena Jadoon | 7 Dec, 2017

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is one of Pakistan’s oldest parties till date. It recently completed its 50 years in the political system. On December 5 1967, the foundations of the party were laid in the city of Lahore.


The party decided to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of PPP with a political gathering in Islamabad

The party which once talked about minority rights, workers and women has now been reduced to a party of rural Sindh. But that’s a discussion for a later time.

What people can’t take their attention away from, right now, is former President Asif Ali Zardari and his dance moves on a song by Arif Lohar, Asif Ali Zardari just could not control himself and decided to flaunt his moves.

Source: 5-Minute How To / YouTube

He is one President that people love to hate. But that does not stop him from carrying on his political activities. Wouldn’t be wrong to say he has taken the love-hate relationship with his presidency one step further at the Golden Jubilee.


And people noticed


While some paid keen attention to his attire


Others were more interested in knowing what he was doing


Or what he was on, while he was doing what he was doing


It’s safe to say that many were thoroughly entertained with his dance moves


Whether you loved it or not is another matter altogether but you can’t ignore his moves


Some even brought up his alleged relationship to model Ayyan


Someone even suggested he may find a career teaching these moves to others



And Shahid Masood compared Zardari’s moves to Khalnayak


He definitely stole the show that night and deserves all the limelight that he possibly can get. People all over social media could not refrain themselves from talking about it.

If only dance offs helped us decide whom to vote for.

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