The Ambanis Asking Their Bahu To Get Pregnant In A 10-Minute Birthday Video Is Extra AF

By Sajeer Shaikh | 16 Jul, 2019

The Ambanis are the gift that keeps on giving – this time, in the form of a birthday video for their new bahu.

Listen to me – my birthday JUST passed and no one – NOT A SINGLE PERSON- made a 10-minute video with Snowhite animations and a song sung to the tune of ‘Favorite Things.’ Why, I ask? Where is this level of being extra when it comes to ME?

Anyway, whatever. I’m not salty or anything, but yeah – the Ambanis made a 10-minute video for their new¬†bahu,¬†Shloka and it’s every bit as extra as you’d expect it to be.

I mean, let’s not forget that these are the same people who threw a bash so grand that Priyanka Chopra had to come to perform right after her billion weddings. These people don’t just pull all the stops – they eradicate them.¬†Let me walk you through some aspects of the video, in which, btw, people very casually ask Shloka to get pregnant by next year, because what even are boundaries anymore?

Source: Heel and Toe Films

The video features some random Snowhite animations that are pretty consistent throughout.

Source: Hindustan Times/YouTube

Does Shloka like Snowhite? Is she into cartoons? What’s going on here?

Are they trying to use childish animations to evoke the fire of motherhood within her so that she gets pregnant ASAP? Is this a new trick? There’s also their rando AF version of Favorite Things playing in the background – lyrics tweaked to tell the story of how Shloka met her “Prince” – Akash Ambani.

Source: Hindustan Times/YouTube

The video takes the audience down memory lane, building up to the idea that apna boi Akash had been there all along.

Source: Hindustan Times/YouTube

The video also showcases key members of the family. For instance, father-in-law Mukesh Ambani makes an appearance and hopes Shloka is pregnant by next year.

Source: Hindustan Times/YouTube

 These two make an appearance too and they wish her a happy birthday Рbut of course, they wish that she gets pregnant soon too.

Source: Hindustan Times/YouTube

Can you imagine Рpeople asking you to get pregnant being broadcasted EVERYWHERE? And you have to be grateful about it, shitty animations and all. Damn. Sorry, Shloka. Birthday par yeh zulm sehna parh raha hai. 

More family members show up…

Source: Hindustan Times/YouTube

…and wish her well.

Source: Hindustan Times/YouTube

Mother-in-law Nita pulls off some major product placement in her¬†bahu’s video and basically also says that she’s super into food.

Source: Hindustan Times/YouTube

The “prince” in question – Akash Ambani – also makes an appearance.

Source: Hindustan Times/YouTube

When I tell you that this video is worth the watch, you best believe I’m not lying. Just…trust me on this. Watch the Ambanis go the extra mile to convey something to their¬†bahu which could have been done and dusted in their family WhatsApp group. They also strangely keep reminding her that she’s an Ambani now – all of them. I mean, she probably remembers, guys.

Here’s the video.

Do yourself a favor and get through it. When you’re done, let me know what you think because LOL, I have MANY thoughts.


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