Telenor Pakistan’s Top 4 Solutions For Future-Ready Businesses

By MangoBaaz Studio | 22 Nov, 2021

Technology holds the power to amplify human capabilities. Leveraging digital transformation, it is the evolution of businesses that will pave the way for a strong digital ecosystem. Technology is increasingly taking on the role of a triggering force to reinvent processes and ways of doing business.

We live in a technologically enabled, vastly connected, and intelligent digital world that continues to move at lightning speed. It requires organisations to be ready to quickly and dramatically change their capabilities to lead from the front to navigate through uncertainties. Companies like Telenor Pakistan are driving the kind of digital transformation for businesses that will bring them at par with global trends to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations and processes. Telenor Pakistan believes that companies with resilient, future-proof business models are destined to gain more success than industry peers with legacy business models. Here are four key streams that Telenor Pakistan offers solutions to businesses to get them future-ready:

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

With over 16 years of experience in providing business solutions across the country, Telenor Pakistan has grown and enriched its IoT expertise and solutions. Businesses across industries are already using Telenor Pakistan’s IoT solutions for improved productivity and streamlining. IoT works best in a well-established ecosystem and that is what Telenor Pakistan has been nurturing since the past years through partnerships. Telenor Pakistan has a multitude of IoT solutions such as machine to machine connectivity, complete end-to-end fleet management solution, supply chain, cold chain and asset management solutions along with air quality, barrage and weather monitoring solutions, for businesses of all scales. The company leverages Telenor Group’s vast global experience in IoT solutions and brings Pakistan at par with international technological developments.

Self-servicing platform for corporate clients

Telenor Pakistan’s corporate online portal accompanies business partners on a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate platform that enables them to cater to their emerging customer needs. It’s a one-stop self-service platform that empowers users to scale greater heights with their businesses than ever before, offering unprecedented convenience and ease of mind. By placing the power into the hands of its corporate partners, Telenor Pakistan enables them to be self-sufficient without having to rely on support teams for everyday solutions. All you have to do is log in to your corporate portal’s online account and start managing your business’s connectivity needs, all from one platform.

Source: Telenor Pakistan

Customized enterprise solutions

Telenor Pakistan has the ability to create customised enterprise solutions for its corporate clients ranging from remote business call management system to online education services for students and academic institutions. The Telenor Smart Office solution allows businesses to operate effectively and efficiently over Master/UAN numbers that connect the workforce with the customers through smartphones and remotely, completely rejuvenating the old-fashioned customer care business models. Telenor Pakistan’s Hospitality Management solution is another modern service designed to help improve service, enhance security and maximize operational efficiency in the hospitality industry. Through its Smart Teams & TrackLive solution, Telenor Pakistan makes for seamless team activity & productivity tracking via live visibility & management of workforce and assets with complete analytics. For educational institutions and professionals, Telenor Pakistan offers e-Taleem, a digital academic content delivery solution, designed for students, parents and faculty using the network’s Mobile & Cloud Based Learning Management Suite.

Data as a Service (DaaS)

As an increasing number of companies around the country turn to cloud to modernize their infrastructure and services, data as a service (DaaS) is becoming an increasingly popular solution. Data analytics empower businesses to strengthen their prediction and knowledge discovery capabilities, while helping them understand the current state of the business and providing a sturdy basis for predicting future market trends Telenor Pakistan’s DaaS solutions allow companies to improve their ability to make informed business decisions and evaluate marketing investment decisions, gain previously unattainable customer insights in record times, and enable them to step into the future of work seamlessly and efficiently.

These progressive business solutions designed by Telenor Pakistan’s decades of experience aim to equip Pakistani companies to thrive in a complex business environment, be it a growing startup, small and medium enterprise or any large organization. They also aim to provide one window operations with reliable and secure infrastructure, improved business efficiency with visibility into operations and performance, secure digital access and advanced monitoring and analytics. For more details on these business solutions, visit:



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