Team Pakistan Surprisingly Won Its Match Last Night And Here Are Some Of The Most Hilarious Reactions

By Noor | 4 Jun, 2019

Team Pakistan making the Cricket World Cup exciting

The cricket fever has engulfed the ENTIRE world and cricket lovers all over the world are equally excited for the World Cup matches. The grand tournament of the world cup 2019 has just started a few days ago and all the teams are fighting rigorously to win the trophy for their country.


So, Pakistan just shocked everyone by winning its match last night and posting the highest total of the World Cup by any time, so far

Just so you know, this particular victory has not just bolstered the position of Pakistan in the tournament but it has also revived people’s hope in, who Shaikh Rashid lovingly calls, the Green Shits.


Prior to this stunning victory against favorites of the World Cup, England, we had lost eleven games in a row before posting the lowest total of the World Cup agains West Indies in our first match. And now, we just bagged a victory against the world’s best team and that too on their home ground! Isn’t it ah-mazing?! Can you believe that Pakistan just did it?! Well, it actually did.


People all over the country are EXTREMELY happy and are expressing their views regarding the team’s sudden surprise victory


Khushi ho aur memes na hon? That’s just impossible and Pakistanis are making sure they’re flexing their meme-ing skills


People were shocked to see how Team Pakistan brilliantly managed to beat the favorites of the tournament


They even said that Pakistani cricket team defies all logic, in fact, it’s just magic


Some even equated being a fan of this team to having a religious experience


A few golden memories from the World Cup’92 were revisited… obviously


Everyone congratulated the team and Pakistanis are still celebrating


All in all, there’s no doubt that this insane team Pakistan is making the cricket World Cup really interesting. Yes, they’re playing with all our emotions but what’s the fun in being consistent, amirite?


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