After Sarfaraz Ahmed, Shoaib Akhter Just Went After Moin Khan And This Rawalpindi Express Is Getting Out Of Hand

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 Jun, 2019

Shoaib Akhtar going after Moin Khan with the same speed as his bowling attack

Recently, Shoaib Akhtar made some comments about current Pakistani cricket team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed. In his video statement, Shoaib basically talked about how Sarfaraz was really out of shape. And as Pakistan’s team captain, he needed to be in better shape.

A lot of people immediately took offense at Shoaib Akhtar fat shaming the current Pakistan team captain. People’s reaction ranged from extreme disbelief at the comments to reminding him of his own unfitness during the last few years of his cricketing career.


Shoaib did not take back anything he said instead stood by his words and insulted yet another cricketing legend; Moin Khan.

Apparently, he heard about Moin Khan disagreeing with his views and immediately went on the offensive. He attacked Moin Khan and called him a mediocre captain who know no one remembers. In fact, t the end of the video, he tells Moin Khan that he’s welcome for all the recognition he will get in Pakistan and India suddenly because Shoaib Akhtar talked about him.

He talks about Moin Khan only being successful because he was lead by the likes of Imran Khan who’s a great leader while Shoaib Akhter the bad luck of being mentored by the likes of Moin Khan.


And people were annoyed at how he only had negative things to say about the cricket team.

Honestly, it is now getting old. Old players bashing new ones and making critiques of the team constantly. While talking about the match and dissecting it to see what went wrong is completely fine, it’s not okay to continuously undermine the team and their efforts.

What do you think of Shoaib Akhter’s comments about Moin Khan? Let us know in the comments below.


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