12 Pakistanis Who Will Change Your Definition of “Lamba”

By Ali Gul | 19 Aug, 2015

Pakistan is diverse, that’s for sure! We come in all different shapes and sizes. Although Pakistanis aren’t exactly known to be the tallest bunch, we do have some individuals who¬†could have easily made up a pro basketball team.


Note: This list is in no particular order because lamba lamba hota hai chahay 7 foot ho ya 8.


1. Alam Channa – 7.7 Feet

Source: ijunoon.com

Alam used to be the tallest man alive. Unfortunately he passed away in New York due to kidney failure.


2. Muhammad Irfan – 7.1 Feet

Source: pakimag.com

Irfan is the tallest player in international cricket. Although he is 33 years of age, his height makes him a nightmare for most batsmen.


3. Aijaz Ahmed Р8.4 Feet

Source: thetallestman.com

Aijaz Ahmed ¬†is a Pakistani farmer, claiming to be the world’s second tallest living person. He is¬†from Bakkhar village in Daryakhan, Punjab. He is currently the tallest Pakistani.


4. Naseer Soomro Р8.1 Feet

Source: thetallestman.com

Naseer Soomro is considered to be the 2nd tallest man in Pakistan.


5. Aurangzeb Khan Р8 Feet

Aurangzeb was born in Bahawalpur. His mother used to buy shoes for him every month, because he was changing size rapidly.

Via: Reddit

Here he is with American basketball player Shaquile O’Neal.


6. Haq Nawaz Noor Muhammad Р7.5 Feet

Source: Hassan Mahmood

He belongs from Khairpur Tamewali, which is 60 kilometres from Bahawalpur, and claims to be the youngest tallest person in the world.


7. Muhammad Nawaz Mazari Р7.3 Feet

Source: thetallestman.com

Muhammad¬†is from the Ghotki district in Pakistan. He’s friend with Naseer Soomro, the other gentle giant in this list.


8. Zainab Bibi Р7.2 Feet

Source: Chris McNulty / dailymail.co.uk

She held the title for the world’s tallest woman but recently lost it to a woman in China. She¬†has been given asylum in Britain.


9. Azad Khan Masood Р7.5 Feet

Source: thetallestman.com

Azad is from a village near Dera Ismail Khan. Some sources say that he is married to Zainab Bibi, but this is not true. That would have been an interesting couple, though.



10. Muhammad Riaz Р7.3 Feet

Source: thetallestman.com

He looks like the terminator doesn’t he? He is also good friends with Azad Khan Masood.


11. Abdul Waheed Р7.4 Feet

Source: pakimag.com

He’s the tallest ranger in Pakistan.¬†I’d like to see a face off between him and Altaf bhai.



12. Ghullam Shabbir Р7.3 Feet

Source: Reuters / Karl Jeffs

He claims to be the tallest man in the world with a height of 8 feet 3 inches, but in reality he is about 1 foot shorter.


Pakistan has all types of people. After looking at these giants, here are some people who make us feel proud to call ourselves Pakistani.


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